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Virtual Programs

Gain an international perspective while fulfilling degree requirements by taking CEA online coursework. Not only will you stay on track for graduation, but you’ll gain a newfound confidence learning from faculty and peers around the world. Because our virtual courses are not tied to a geographical location, you’ll experience a variety of global learning opportunities while staying local. By enrolling in virtual courses with CEA, you become part of an online learning community that supports your academic success and encourages your development as a global citizen. You’ll learn through asynchronous teaching, as well as synchronous meetings to build community and mentorship with your CEA classmates, faculty and staff. Engagement with local students in your courses will enrich your cross-cultural experience. Additionally, you can take part in our online Lecture Series that provides an international and comparative perspective on topics that complement your online coursework. CEA’s virtual courses are fun and flexible, offer a range of thematic content, and further develops your global citizenship to thrive in an interconnected world.

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CEA Virtual Programs

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Virtual: Global Internship

Virtual: Global Internship

CEA Virtual Center

A virtual internship provides you with a unique opportunity to gain global professional experience, boost your career profile, build an international professional network and expand your skill set while staying local. Placements are available across many overseas locations and a variety of career fields. Our strong academic focus and personalized placements are dedicated to meaningful experiences that make a real impact, allowing you to give your career a boost while gaining the global experience you’ve been seeking at an affordable price.

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  • YR
  • Starting at $1,995
Virtual: Elective Courses

Virtual: Elective Courses

CEA Virtual Center

Get an experience that merges international perspectives and global contexts, from wherever you call home. With CEA’s virtual study environment, you will be a key part of dynamic and innovative discussions that create new opportunities for cross-cultural engagement. Through weekly lessons, our international faculty will use various formats, materials and case studies to enrich your learning experience, diversify your thought process and problem solving skillset, and set you up for success in today’s globalized world.

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  • SE
  • YR
  • Starting at $1,495
Virtual: Design & Innovation

Virtual: Design & Innovation

CEA Virtual Center

Unlock the secrets to success in the world of start-ups as you work with and learn from proven entrepreneurs across the globe, and gain the practical skills and industry knowledge needed for success. You will intern with a start-up company, take a class on the key concepts of planning your own start-up, and participate in virtual co-curricular activities that leverage the full collective knowledge of this entrepreneurial community.

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  • SU
  • SE
  • YR
  • Starting at $3,595
What's included in your Program'

What's included in your Program

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What's included in your Program'


CEA Virtual Center
CEA Virtual Center

CEA’s Virtual Study Center is a hub of exclusive courses, lectures and cultural engagement activities all accessible online. In CEA’s Virtual Study Center you will:

  • take courses taught by experts in their fields from around the world;
  • gain international and comparative perspectives; and
  • engage with local cultures and communities.

Unlike CEA’s Study Centers, our Virtual Study Center is not bound by location and provides you with the chance to choose the courses and experience that best align with your academic, career, and personal interests. Come join us by learning how interconnected our world truly is and experience all of what CEA’s Virtual Study Center has to offer.


Courses taught through the CEA Virtual Study Center have been designed in conjunction with, and approved by, the University of New Haven (UNH). In addition, faculty appointments have been approved by UNH. After the successful completion of a session at the CEA Virtual Study Center, you will receive credit for your work from UNH. Located in Connecticut, the University of New Haven is a student-focused, comprehensive university that’s fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). The agreement between CEA and UNH follows the highest standards of good practice in education abroad and satisfies the rigorous requirements of the University's institutional accreditor, making credits earned through CEA’s Virtual Study Center easily transferable to US-accredited institutions. Learn more about UNH's service as the School of Record for CEA.


Faculty at the CEA Virtual Study Center will evaluate student work and progress throughout the academic session. The following grading system is in use at CEA’s Virtual Study Center:

CEA Grading Scale (Effective Spring 2017)

Letter Grade

Numerical Grade Low Range

Numerical Grade High Range

Percentage Range

Quality Points




97.0 - 100%





94.0 - 96.9%





90.0 – 93.9%





87.0 – 89.9%





84.0 – 86.9%





80.0 – 83.9%





77.0 – 79.9%





74.0 – 76.9%





70.0- 73.9%





60.0 – 69.9%





0 - 59.9%













Completion of a course is defined as a receipt of a letter grade (A+ to F) as opposed to Withdrawal or Incomplete.

In order to determine a quality point ratio, each letter grade from a completed course is assigned a quality point value. The quality point value for each grade earned during a semester is multiplied by the number of semester hours assigned to that course. The sum of these points is the total number of quality points earned during the semester. It is divided by the number of semester hours completed to obtain the quality point ratio (QPR).

Classroom and Information

  • Classes are taught by faculty selected by CEA and approved by UNH.
  • Periodic homework assignments, projects, and final examinations will be administered.
  • Class participation is mandatory and monitored by each professor. You may access your grades and attendance on your MyCEA Account.

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Hear from Virtual students

Reflecting on My CEA Virtual Global Internship in Australia | Yikun Jiang | August 17, 2021

August 17, 2021

Reflecting on My CEA Virtual Global Internship in Australia

Yikun Jiang

Time Management in a Virtual Internship Setting | CEA MOJO | August 04, 2021

August 04, 2021

Time Management in a Virtual Internship Setting


A Day in the Life of a Virtual Global Intern: Sydney, Australia | Meltem Sari | August 03, 2021

August 03, 2021

A Day in the Life of a Virtual Global Intern: Sydney, Australia

Meltem Sari

Q&A: My Virtual Dublin Internship with CEA | Brianna Bentler | July 21, 2021

July 21, 2021

Q&A: My Virtual Dublin Internship with CEA

Brianna Bentler

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Virtual Staff

Dr. Louis Berends

Dr. Louis Berends

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Lenka Vystrčilová, Ph.D

Lenka Vystrčilová, Ph.D

Academic Director - Prague
Ana Martínez, Ph.D

Ana Martínez, Ph.D

Academic Director - Barcelona
Alexandra Massini, Ph.D

Alexandra Massini, Ph.D

Academic Director - Rome
Darragh O Briain, M.A.

Darragh O Briain, M.A.

Academic Director - Dublin
Christopher Edwards, M.A.

Christopher Edwards, M.A.

Academic Director - Paris
Mary Alice Soriero, M.S.Ed.

Mary Alice Soriero, M.S.Ed.

Academic Director - Seville
Monica Francioso, Ph.D

Monica Francioso, Ph.D

Academic Director - Florence
Jose Balza, B.A.

Jose Balza, B.A.

Academic Coordinator, Buenos Aires
Virtual Faculty

Virtual Faculty

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Paris, France


Dublin, Ireland


Florence, Italy


Rome, Italy


Barcelona, Spain


Seville, Spain

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