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Health & Wellness

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Student Health Abroad


We encourage you (and your family) to talk to your family physician about how conditions in the host city—such as altitude, pollution, proximity to medical facilities, required immunizations, availability of specific prescription medications—might affect your wellbeing. Discuss the anticipated excitement and stress of culture adaption or possible homesickness with your mental health care provider as needed. If you have a serious medical condition or allergies to medications, foods, or insect bites, consider wearing a medical alert tag or bracelet and be sure to carry information explaining any necessary treatment should you become ill.

As we navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19 please review CEA’S COVID-19 FAQs.

Additional information on health and travel may be found online through the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. CEA also provides Student Tips and Parent Tips to help prepare you for a safe, healthy, and valuable study abroad experience.

Once you’ve applied to CEA, you will have access to an individual MyCEA Account where you can:

  • Complete your CEA Health & Wellness Profile to share allergies, dietary preferences, any medical conditions, and request accommodations
  • Read more about staying healthy and finding balance abroad
  • Learn packing recommendations for prescription medications



Recent research conducted by the Forum on Education Abroad found that flu and cold symptoms were the most common problems faced by students studying abroad. In the age of COVID-19 and ongoing pandemic, please be prepared to follow local laws, which may be different from those in the U.S., about social distancing, and wearing personal protective equipment (face masks). We strongly recommend that you receive flu vaccines before you leave the U.S., and that you practice healthy habits such as frequent handwashing, social distancing, and covering your coughs to prevent the spread of illness.

stay healthy

Everyday preventive actions can help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.


Staying healthy and well enables you to get the most out of your experience abroad and be academically successful. Read more about the CEA Wellness Model and speak to your Enrollment Advisor as you prepare to depart, or CEA onsite staff if you have any questions after arrival.

Health & Wellness
Learn about staying safe, health, and wellness while you're overseas. Read more about finding balance, sexual health, and safety abroad.


Your program includes a travel health insurance plan, provided by Cultural Insurance Services International Health Plans (CISI) designed to meet the needs of students abroad. After your acceptance to your CEA program, you will receive an email from CISI that you have been enrolled in the CEA/CISI health insurance plan with an invitation to visit the CISI portal and open your account. This coverage ensures that wherever you travel while on your program, you can receive medical care. The CEA/CISI plan provides:

  • A custom portal for access to important information on services and available medical treatment,
  • Full coverage for emergent health issues including COVID-19,
  • Up to $2500 of coverage for pre-existing conditions,
  • 24-hour emergency medical assistance and evacuation services through AXA Assistance,
  • Easy electronic filing of claims,
  • Optional insurances for early departure or pandemic concerns.

Students pay for any medical services or medications up-front—no worries about showing an insurance card, or if the insurance is accepted— and then file a claim, including copies of their receipts, with CISI to be reimbursed.

Your onsite CEA staff will provide contact information for medical facilities and health care providers in your host city. CEA staff can help you make appointments with English-speaking providers and will accompany you to appointments if desired. Because students pay up-front for care, CEA strongly recommends having dedicated funds or a credit card available should they need to see a doctor, have testing, or visit a pharmacy, so student budgets for personal travel and expenses are not impacted by any health care needs.

You can find the current CISI brochures at the links below:

PLEASE NOTE: CISI coverage is in effect from your program start date to your program end date. If you plan to travel independently before or after your program, we encourage you to look into other international health insurance plan options for that time outside your CEA program dates.


CISI partners with AXA Assistance, an international emergency medical assistance company that works with and provides information on facilities and physicians worldwide. AXA Assistance is there to support and assist you during an emergency or other kind of distress, 24/7, locally, or as you may travel away from your host city.

Please contact CEA at 1.800.266.4441 if you have any questions about CISI health insurance.


Often, countries do not have the legislation and infrastructure to accommodate students with mobility or visual impairments in the same way they are aided in the U.S. To research the conditions of your prospective host country before applying for a program, visit Mobility International USA for more information. Please take the time to describe in your Health & Wellness Profile the type of physical or visual impairment you have and the type of accommodation you need to participate fully in the educational and cultural experiences of a study or intern abroad program.

Recognizing Student Identities

At CEA, we believe a study or internship experience should be accessible to, and inclusive of every student. CEA strives to support students of all identities and assist them to navigate and understand the new culture of their host country. CEA staff will answer any questions or concerns about studying or interning abroad to help students honor who they are while learning about the world around them. We provide guidance and resources about the health, safety, and cultural norms in the prospective study abroad location. This information can be helpful to students identifying as LGBTQIA+, students who may not see others who look like themselves or are of their faith in the host culture, and to help all students align their expectations, as well as gain understanding and perspective during their experience abroad. Please review our Diversity and Inclusion pages for more information.

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May 18, 2022

CEA is experiencing a temporary network disruption. For health and safety emergencies, please call (480)290-3907. For enrollment questions or general inquiries, contact us at (480)568-3021.


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