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CEA Study Abroad Alumni

Welcome back, CEA alumni! Thank you for going abroad with us. We hope you’ve returned with an enhanced résumé, new friendships, unforgettable memories, and most importantly, a broader view of the world.

The best part about being an alumnus? The opportunity to help and support other students go on their own great adventure abroad!

You can also explore re-entry resources and opportunities to connect with our alumni network as you transition back into home life and learn how to reap more benefits from your experience going forward.

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

Nelson Mandela

What to Do Once You’re Home Again

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Feeling a bit of reverse culture shock? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. For many students, this can be more difficult than culture shock experienced overseas.

Here are some ways to facilitate your re-entry process:

CEA Alumni Ambassador Program

Share Your Experience With Students on Campus

Your study abroad journey doesn’t have to end when your program does. Leverage your experience and enthusiasm for study abroad as a CEA Alumni Ambassador! Our program gives you the chance to inspire others to embark on their own study abroad adventure.

Our goal is also to help you answer the “what now?” question. We help you better articulate your growth, clarify your career aspirations, and consider your next steps after graduation.

We designed this program around a student schedule: it is flexible and customizable based on your availability, interests, and goals. Make the position your own by developing an outreach plan that best fits your campus and interests!

What it's Like Being an Ambassador

As a CEA Ambassador, you create study abroad awareness in person and via social media, while supporting students through the pre-departure process. You commit for at least one semester, and can continue as long as you’d like!

All outreach must follow guidelines established by your home campus and study abroad office.

Outreach may include:

  • Supporting the study abroad office
  • Presenting to student groups
  • School media
  • Assisting CEA representatives during their visit to your campus
  • Create a video for CEA Youtube
  • Share your experience on social media
  • Advise students in the CEA pre-departure groups
  • Answer student questions through the Ambassador Directory

As an Ambassador, you will have access to promotional materials and resources including:

  • Training
  • CEA catalogs and handouts
  • Promotional templates
  • Social media material
  • Support from CEA Alumni Relations, Regional Director, and campus study abroad office
Program Benefits

CEA’s Alumni Ambassador program gives you the following perks:

  • $200 payment upon completion of the program
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Academic credit (if approved at home institution)
  • MIIS Graduate School Scholarship for all former and current ambassadors
  • Career-advising workshops and support
  • Ambassador Go-Again Discount* (Double the alumni rate!)
  • Network of professional contacts and references
  • Leadership opportunities and professional development
  • Onsite Ambassadorship Program (limited locations available) (Currently Unavailable)
    • Student leadership and professional development opportunity for our high-performing Ambassadors to be selected to return to where they studied abroad, support program operations, and help facilitate the study abroad experience for on-site students.
  • Enthusiastic CEA alumni who want to support prospective study abroad students
  • Hold a minimum of 2.5 GPA (lower averages considered on case-by-case basis)
  • Financially cleared with CEA

Contact the CEA Alumni Relations team for more information:

Become an Alumni Ambassador

CEA Internship Peer Mentor Program

Are you an international internship program alumnus? You could be an Internship Mentor!

The Internship Peer Mentor Program is a career development opportunity to share your experience with peers while building a professional network and gaining marketable skills.

The program is designed to fit into your schedule and allows for a variety of involvement with CEA and students.

You have two flexible tracks to choose from based on your availability and interests:

  1. Prospective Peer Mentor: In this track, you’ll connect directly with students who are interested and/or working on submitting an internship application. You’ll share your experience, provide tips on completing the application materials, and answer general questions about what to expect in the program during pre-departure and onsite.
  2. Pre-Departure Peer Mentor: In this track, you’ll help prepare enrolled students who are about to depart for their program. You’ll share your experiences and provide tips on what to expect, how to make a good impression, and more!

Become an Internship Peer Mentor

Help build internship abroad awareness through peer-to-peer advising, social media and/or on-campus outreach

Become a Mentor

Become an Alumni Ambassador

Your study abroad journey does not end when your program does. Leverage your experience and enthusiasm for study abroad as a CEA Alumni Ambassador!

Join The Program

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