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Global Internship Abroad Position Description

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CEA CAPA Internships Abroad is continuously broadening our internship opportunities around the world and takes care to align each internship with an intern’s experience and area of interest.

Please note some internship abroad placements may need candidates to have completed upper-level courses in the respective area, possess specific set of skills, and/or be capable of demonstrating knowledge. Here is a sample of what healthcare global internships abroad can entail.

*Note: Health-related internships allow interns to understand global health issues and support services. Health-related internships commonly focus on the administrative, educational, and/or support of the industry and do not often include patient-facing work.

Position Description

Discover how healthcare embraces digital advancements, with roles in health informatics, data analysis, and telemedicine revolutionizing patient care, operational efficiency, and research effectiveness. Some duties may include but are not limited to:

  1. Medical Records Management: Assist in maintaining and organizing patient records, ensuring accuracy and compliance with healthcare regulations.
  2. Administrative Support: Provide administrative assistance by scheduling appointments, managing paperwork, and facilitating communication between healthcare professionals and patients.
  3. Health Information Systems: Learn to use health information systems to input data, generate reports, and support the efficient flow of information within healthcare settings.
  4. Patient Services Coordination: Assist in coordinating patient services, such as appointment reminders, follow-up calls, and addressing basic patient inquiries.
  5. Health Education Assistance: Support health education initiatives by organizing informational materials, preparing for educational sessions, and assisting with outreach programs.


Competency & Skill Development

Displayed below are examples of industry-specific competencies and transferable skills previous interns have developed through our internship placements. Every internship is crafted to align with the distinct goals of the intern and the requirements of their industry. This customization is identified through our placement process and expands as the intern begins their internship and engages with their supervisor.

Industry Specific Competency & Transferable Skill Development:

  1. Administrative Proficiency — Develop strong administrative skills through tasks like medical record management, appointment scheduling, and internal communication.
  2. Health Information Systems Proficiency — Gain proficiency in using healthcare information systems, enhancing your ability to navigate and utilize technological tools in a medical setting.
  3. Effective Communication — Enhance communication skills by interacting with healthcare professionals, and other members of the community in a healthcare environment.
  4. Attention to Detail — Cultivate attention to detail through tasks like medical record management, ensuring accuracy and compliance with healthcare standards.
  5. Customer Service Skills — Develop strong customer service skills by assisting with patient services, addressing inquiries, and ensuring a positive experience for healthcare service users.

NACE Competency & Skill Development:

CEA CAPA is committed to elevating students' career readiness. Across various career fields, CEA CAPA is dedicated to securing internship placements that enable students to develop essential transferable skills (NACE Career Readiness Competencies).

These competencies, identified by U.S. employers, are crucial for undergraduate students to acquire before graduation, ensuring they are well-prepared and competitive in today's job market.

Career & Self Development
Career &
Self Development
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Equity & Inclusion
Equity &

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