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Where Will Your Learning Take You?

Where Will Your Learning Take You?


Business internships create the opportunity for you to build fundamental business knowledge and skills in a variety of areas such as economics, accounting, finance, management, marketing, tourism and more. Whether you want to launch your own company, manage business operations, track profit/loss and revenue/expenses, sell products, or simply help people have fun, you'll find a CEA business internship will support you in developing the key foundational skills that will be attractive to future employers. Learn more about the benefits of a CEA internship.


Communication internships come in so many clusters of interest! Explore a variety of career pathways within the communication field including arts, journalism, multi-media, advertising, public relations and many more. Develop important written and oral communication skills as you learn to craft compelling messages, visual designs and back-end productions. Build your resume and portfolio to demonstrate your career readiness to future employers with a CEA Communications internship. Learn more about the benefits of a CEA internship.


Engineering internships encompass interdisciplinary studies such as math, science and some business principles to teach you how to design, build and market ideas. Through an engineering internship, you will learn to apply critical thinking skills to any project and identify creative solutions to problems. Attract future employers with your engineering acumen by developing the important communication skills and overall business development and strategy experience required to complement your technical expertise. Learn more about the benefits of a CEA internship.

Fine & Studio Arts

Fine & Studio Arts internships provide creative thinkers a variety of lucrative opportunities in art, design, digital arts, theatre and more. Combine your creative and detail-oriented skills with technical expertise to deliver designs, presentations and projects within the scope of the business' needs. CEA Fine and Studio Arts internships attract future employers not only in the arts fields and but also in fields such as marketing, sales, software development and more. Learn more about the benefits of a CEA internship.

Foreign Language & Literature

Foreign Language and Literature internships go beyond the threshold of language acquisition and create access to a wide variety of careers in culture, education, museum studies and more. Leverage the global aspect of your internship to expand your intercultural fluency and deepen your experience. Demonstrate to future employers your capacity to adapt techniques and models to support diverse learning environments through a CEA Foreign Language and Literature internship. Learn more about the benefits of a CEA internship.

Global Health & Health Science

Global Health & Health Science internships focus on providing sustainable health services, reducing health disparities and promoting human development on a local, regional and global scale. Focus on health initiatives that transcend the individual to the broader scope of global health issues. Attract future employers by demonstrating ethical judgement, educational curriculum design, and more. Learn more about the benefits of a CEA internship.


Humanities internships offer an interdisciplinary focus to careers in anthropology, culture, education, NGO development, international relations and more. Learn to apply strong communication and critical thinking skills, and identify connections across many fields of knowledge. These key skills are directly linked to future employers' interests in skill development. Learn more about the benefits of a CEA internship.


Science and Environment internships explore the interrelationships between nature, human activities, data analysis, informational technology, and more. Leverage programming, analysis, and research skills developed within a classroom into a professional setting. Demonstrate good judgement and decision-making to identify and justify innovative solutions to problems. Strong critical thinking skills will attract future employers in a CEA Science and Environment internship. Learn more about the benefits of a CEA internship.

Social Sciences

Social Science internships dive into the connections between human behavior and society on local, regional and global scales. Offered in a variety of areas including museum studies, law, psychology, political science, and more. Interns will demonstrate strong research, analytical and critical thinking skills to future employers with an added global and intercultural perspective. Learn more about the benefits of a CEA internship.