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Thania Inoa_photo

Albright College

Alicante, Spain

Fall 2019

Thania Inoa De Jesus, Alumni Ambassador

Alumni Ambassadors
1. What were ways you found to experience the local culture? 

As a MOJO for CEA I got to work with Emily to show everyone what my experience has been like. I have learned new skills through the program, like editing content. With this position I got to experience things twice and with more appreciation. As I have described in a blog I am a first generation college student and a Latina. Studying abroad is a huge deal for me. I have learned to love Alicante in a short period of time. I have come to love my roommates and my place. I have described it to be similar to my home country Dominican Republic because of some of the habits Alicante people have like the time of the siesta (naps). I have loved every day being here and will do it again 100 times if asked. The food is also so great, I have gotten in the habit of eating healthier and cooking every chance I get. That is something I don't have the opportunity to do in my college dorm in the states. Every new place I have visited reminds me of how blessed I am to be able to experience Alicante.

2. What was your favorite course while abroad? 

My favorite classes were Spanish And Social change and communications. I really enjoyed my Spanish class because of how diverse it was. We had a student from almost every continent. Every time i will arrive to class I'd sit next to a new person and learn a little about their culture or their lives. Social change & communications calls was a Spanish class as well. I enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot about society and how we have come to how habits of today. I got to be in a group of Spanish students who were so helpful to me whenever I needed the help.

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