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Lucero Diaz Acevedo, Content Creator - Videographer

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What is one new experience you're hoping to have while studying abroad? 
My ultimate goal while studying abroad with CEA CAPA is to develop independent skills that can help me mature in my personal life and open myself up to new people to make long lasting connections as friends as well as networking. However a more fun adventure I hope to make on this journey is visit an opera house and watch the ballet or enjoy a classical music concert.

Why did you choose to study or intern abroad? and why did you choose your destination?
I love learning new cultures, history, and obsess over European history especially. In high school I took French as my language because my goal is to learn as many Latin-based languages as possible. My family and I are immigrants from a small ranch in Mexico, so to be able to travel to another country, I know little me and my parents would be proud of my accomplishments. I also want to feel more independent since this'll be a big step towards my career path and personal goals.

What class are you most looking forward to taking while studying abroad?
I'm most excited for my communications class this fall because I've always been a very quiet person but I hope this class will help me step out of my shell with public speaking. I consider myself both an extrovert and an introvert, this depends on the type of environment but I hope communications helps me feel confident in my speech and improve my English speech skills when I get nervous so I don't end up stuttering.

what is something you're passionate and excited about? (hobbies, interests, causes, etc.)
My main passions are most of the arts like fashion design, painting, and music. I love to play the guitar and bass but I love concerts because being a fangirl is such a fun hobby to have no matter how expensive it gets, the long lasting memories I make when I watch artists preform their craft is amazing. I love to create and add my unique style to my clothes, for example I love painting my own designs and characters or take inspiration from anime characters and put them on things such as jackets but recently I started painting my tote bags because why leave it plain and boring.

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