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NUI Galway - Full Curriculum
2022/2023 Year Galway

NUI Galway - Full Curriculum Available Sessions

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About the Program

Choose from National University of Ireland, Galway's (NUIG) entire—and extensive—course catalog. Take courses in a range of subject areas, from business to humanities, liberal arts to sciences, mathematics to languages. Take courses to fulfill your major or graduation requirements, or choose electives in your areas of academic or professional interest. This versatile, flexible program allows you to immerse into the Irish higher education system and study alongside Irish and other international students.


  • Overview
  • Location:
  • Galway
  • Dates:
  • early Sep 2022 - early May 2023
  • Price:
  • $34,795
  • Credits:
  • 36
  • Deadlines
  • Apply by:
  • 5/15/22
  • Withdraw by:
  • 6/15/22
  • Application Requirements
  • Digital Photo
  • Copy of Passport
  • NUIG Application Form
  • Complete Application
  • $95 Online Application Fee
  • Transcript - Official
  • Eligibility
  • Course Prerequisites:
  • Students who have completed less than two years of college study will be considered on a case by case basis; additional application requirements will apply.  Please contact CEA for details.
  • Foreign Language Proficiency:
  • All Levels
  • Minimum GPA:
  • 3.0
  • Education Completed:
  • 2 Years of College completed by time of application
  • Course Prerequisites:
  • Some courses may have prerequisites.

Founded in 1845, the National University of Ireland Galway hosts 17,000 students on its central campus along the River Corrib. Attend class side-by-side with Irish and other international students for an integrated experience in western Ireland’s largest, oldest university.

When you study abroad in Galway, you can choose CEA housing or arrange your own independent housing. CEA housing assignments are based on availability and confirmation date; we make every effort to match your housing requests, but we can’t guarantee housing preferences.

Program Structure

Each semester, you'll enroll in courses that total 30 NUIG credits/18 U.S. credits. Contact hours vary by course and may be comprised of lectures, seminars, or tutorials. You may earn a total of 18 credits per semester or a total of 36 credits per academic year. Class meeting times and days per week vary by course.

The academic structure lists a small sample of the hundreds of courses available. You will have access to introductory, intermediate and advanced courses in a variety of subject areas. See below for information how to access the NUI Galway website for a full list of courses.

You'll "pre-register" by submitting course selections and alternates to CEA before you leave for Ireland. Formal registration takes place at a registration session during the first week of the program. Courses offered through the Science, Engineering and Nursing Faculties require a significant additional fee; you'll be invoiced after formal course registration. It is in your best interest to have multiple alternative courses approved by your home university prior to your departure due to course availabilities. Please consult with your academic advisor at your home university on credit pre-approval guidelines.

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Available Levels


The host institution has offered the following courses in the past. Please note that course listings may not be finalized until the start of the term; we’ll post an updated list when the host institution finalizes its offerings.

*Courses with an asterisk indicate that the course has been associated with multiple subject areas.
Please click on the course title to view additional subject areas and detailed course information.

Navigating the National University of Ireland Galway Website for Courses

CEA knows it's important to make sure the credit you earn abroad will transfer back to your school at home. Fortunately, it's easy to find what you need in Galway, because NUI - Galway (NUIG) offers such a wide variety of courses. In order to choose your courses for your upcoming program at NUIG, follow the steps below:

Choosing Your Courses

Step One:

View NUIG courses and access the NUIG International Office website.

Step Two:

Click on the "Visiting Students Booklet (Semester 1)" if you will be attending the Fall semester or Academic Year, or "Visiting Students Booklet (Semester 2)" if you will be attending the Spring semester. If you are a semester student, you cannot take a course that shows "1 AND 2" in the Semester column because these courses are only for year students. If the Semester column says "1 OR 2," semester students are able to take the course.

Step Three:

Please read the general information in the booklet before paging through to the list of courses. Each department’s courses are presented in tables listing the course code, title, semester offered, credit amount (in ECTS credits), and type of exam held. At the end of each graph are important notes that outline course requirements or exceptions.

Once you find a course offered, click the corresponding department's website. There, you will find course descriptions. Please keep in mind that the course description is often the extent of the information available on a particular course. If you are in need of syllabi, please notify your CEA advisor who will check for availability.

Step Four:
Select 4 modules and at least 4 alternate modules offered during your study abroad program. NUIG credits are allocated according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Under this system, 3 U.S. credits typically equals 5 or 6 ECTS. The credit conversions recommended by NUIG for their own courses are as follows:

  • 5 NUIG (ECTS) Credits = 2.5 U.S. Credits
  • 10 NUIG (ECTS) Credits = 5 U.S. Credits

(Note: some NUIG courses are worth 2.5, 6, 9, 12, or 18 credits.)

5-7 courses is considered to be a full load at NUIG. Please verify with your university the amount of credits you will receive for the courses you are taking so that you maintain full-time status abroad.

Step Five:

CEA encourages you to print the course descriptions and review them with your academic advisor at your home campus. It is important to get a variety of courses approved in writing by your home university prior to your departure.

Step Six:

Prior to acceptance into the program, you must complete a course interest form on the NUIG application. Please return this form, along with your official transcript, to your CEA advisor. These will be forwarded to NUIG for course pre-registration purposes. Final registration will take place once you arrive in Galway.

Helpful hints when choosing your modules

Demand for some modules is extremely high. Please bear in mind that it is not always possible to guarantee admission to particular modules, although we will do our best to offer you places in the modules you prefer.

  • Students choosing courses from the Science or Engineering faculties will be charged an additional fee due to the difference in tuition for these courses. This fee will be charged to your account after you finalize your registration in Galway.
  • Visiting students usually wish to be offered places in seminars that present the opportunity to address the material under discussion in a more informal and detailed way than is done in the larger lecture group. Generally, places in seminars are offered on the same basis as for local students and competition for places is high. Please note that the Departments of English, Sociological and Political Studies, and History, which have the largest numbers of students, are constrained by staffing and practical considerations and cannot offer seminar classes in parallel with every module, as is the convention in other departments.
  • While the NUIG application gives you the option of listing only course subjects rather than specific courses, you must list specific courses if you are interested in math, science, engineering, nursing, or pre-law courses.
  • As there is a wide range of modules open to visiting students at NUIG, it is important to ensure that careful consideration is given when selecting modules. For instance, a student without a background in a particular subject should not, in general, choose a specialized third year course in the subject. There will also be occasional but inevitable incompatibilities because of timetable conflicts or some other logistical problems. Students should consult with their academic advisors at their home universities before specifying their module choices.

If you have further questions regarding how to select courses of about the CEA program at NUIG in Galway, please contact CEA at 1.800.266.4441.


Get out and explore! Excursions are offered for most semester, year, and summer programs*. Semester students are typically offered between two to three excursions and summer study students are typically offered between one to two excursions. You'll receive a calendar of excursions during orientation; here are a few day and overnight excursions we've offered in the past.

Cliffs of Moher & County Clare

Cliffs of Moher & County Clare

Co. Clare, with its strong Celtic folklore influences, thriving music scene, and tranquil natural beauty, is the ideal destination for an escape from the city. Experience the Burren, famed for unique exposed limestone geography that’s home to a range of flora and fauna. Explore the cavernous caves, once home to wild bears that roamed the ancient Irish forest. Fill up on scrumptious seafood chowder and buttery soda bread as you take a lunch break in the coastal village of Doolin, famed for its traditional Irish music sessions. Next you’ll travel to the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher, where you’ll experience the forces of nature as you explore terrain once inhabited by Celtic warriors; this natural spectacle never fails to impress. Finally, take in the fresh sea air in the quaint fishing village of Kinvara, site of the Dungaire Castle, once home to the legendary King of Connacht.

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Dublin City

Dublin City

Dublin, Ireland’s capital city, is a Mecca for culture lovers. From the famous artwork of the Book of Kells, to the Bronze Age artifacts in the National History Museum, to the lyrical prose of James Joyce, Dublin caters to every taste. History lovers will enjoy the fascinating accounts of the 1916 Rising and Irish War of Independence commemorated across the city; in the General Post Office on O’Connell Street, you can still trace your fingers over bullet holes and learn about the courageous men who fought in the war. In addition to exploring Dublin’s riveting past, we’ll also stop by the Guinness Factory, the perfect place to sample Ireland’s number one export while learning about the scientific practices that lie behind the brewing of this popular tipple.

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Kerry is known as The Kingdom for good reason; it’s home to some of Ireland’s most magnificent scenery, from gorgeous Killarney National Park to the jaw-dropping beauty of the Dingle Peninsula. We’ll stray from the typical bus tour routes so you can experience these sites in a unique fashion, like early morning horse rides through the park and a gentle bike ride to Muckross House and Abbey. There is much to learn about the park’s flora and fauna, as well as the lives of the Kerry Chieftains that once resided there. No introduction to Kerry would be complete without a visit to Fungi the Dolphin—local fishermen will take you out to sea to meet Dingle’s biggest celebrity and learn about his Atlantic home. We’ll provide a tasty lunch under the canopy of trees at Torc Waterfall, and the evening includes time to relax and mingle with locals while experiencing the nightlife of Killarney town. The trip to Kerry offers a delicious combination of action, history, and nature that is sure to leave you spellbound.

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Aran Islands

Aran Islands

After a leisurely boat ride, spend the day exploring these enchanting Gaelic speaking islands by bike or foot. Little cottages decorate the magnificent landscape; you can even meander along the lovely beaches that dot the coastline. This trip makes for a peaceful, relaxing day in captivating surroundings.

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Sample Calendar

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