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Samford University

French Alps: Grenoble, France; Paris, France

Spring 2020, Fall 2021

Mia Farris, CEA MOJO Blogger

Content Creators

Why did you choose to study/intern abroad?
 After going to France for study abroad in 2020, I gained access to an entirely new world. Going back to the United States opened its own form of culture shock, and I realized how badly I wanted to live and work in France. My major, Language and World Trade, focuses on languages and business, and I thought the best way to learn this would be studying these subjects in the country where the language was spoken. I also decided that the best way to understand the French work environment would be to intern there.

Why did you choose your study/intern city?
 Who doesn’t dream of going to Paris? At first, I was slightly opposed due to fears of living in such a big city where I was not particularly fluent in the native language (not yet, anyway 😉) After a few semesters in business, I took an interest in the fashion industry. I knew I was not going to get much experience or connection in my town, and I could not imagine a place better suited to learning about the fashion industry than Paris!

What are you most looking forward to during your abroad experience?
 I am most looking forward to my internship. I have this incredible opportunity to work with a French fashion designer in her boutique. I really want to make the most of this opportunity for not only improving my French, but also my work experience.

Fun Fact (hobbies, interests, accomplishment, etc.)?
 Lately, I have really been into reading, but I always think that sounds like a boring answer. I would say I am most interested in the film/fashion industry in whatever capacity or form that entails. I try to get a copy of Vogue whenever I see it, and nothing cures a sad day for me like an Audrey Hepburn movie!

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