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Marley Lucas

College of Charleston

Seville, Spain

Fall 2019

Marley Lucas, Alumni Ambassador

Alumni Ambassadors

1. What was your favorite course while abroad? 

My favorite course I took abroad was my Art and Architecture in Sevilla course. I think it was a combination of the content and my professor but I looked forward to that class each day. I was able to learn about the culture of art in Sevilla. I love being able to walk down the streets and know what type of archway is on a building or the history behind it. I learned a lot about Spain’s art scene but the history and culture as well since it is reflected in the architecture and artwork. Additionally, I enjoyed the class because of my teacher Dan. Dan is the type of professor who makes it enjoyable to come to class. Often times when he was describing something on a powerpoint he would just take us to see the building. This type of experiential learning is something you can only get abroad. I really enjoyed this type of class as I got to learn about the history of Sevilla and see it at the same time. Not only that but Dan’s style of teaching helped me retain the information better and he made everything fun, even the boring stuff.

2. How has your study abroad experience shaped you?

My study abroad experience has allowed me to personally grow in ways I never would have thought. I have seen my strength and patience tested many times, especially in travel. I have dealt with booking wrong flights, a lost train ticket worth $120, and extra baggage fees. As small as these inconveniences are they add up in stressful situations and you have to breathe and tell yourself that everything is ok despite the inconveniences. I also have noticed my creativity has blossomed since being in Sevilla. The magic of the city and the lifestyle of the Spanish have inspired me to create. This is shaping me to be who I am today but will also help with my career as the Communication field is driven on creativity. Lastly, this trip has taught me small life lessons that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. From accidently separating from all your friends at night to how to fall asleep quite literally anywhere this trip has given me experiences that will follow me forever and allow me to continue to grow.

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