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Jacob Griffin

University of Southern Indiana

Seville, Spain

Fall 2019

Jacob Griffin, Alumni Ambassador

Alumni Ambassadors

1. Why would you like to be an Alumni Ambassador?

The reason I want to become an alumni ambassador so much is because I understand just how valuable the study abroad experience is. It is the adventure of a lifetime and I think everyone who can should take the chance. Two of my good friends from my university back home were contemplating studying abroad this semester but weren't sure if it was right for them. I was very encouraging towards them and tried my hardest to get them to take the leap, and I know as a fact they are now having an excellent semester in both Prague and Athens. Sharing my experiences, informing others, and encouraging them to study abroad is something I would be very passionate about in the future. In fact, I have already had a couple of people from campus message me and ask about study abroad. No matter what, I will push others from my university to go for the study abroad experience, and I would love to do so as an official CEA ambassador.

2. How has your study abroad experience shaped you? 

Studying abroad for the semester has taughy me a lot about myself. One of the most important things is understanding just how easy it is to meet new people and build friendships wherever you may be in the world. I think this will definitely help me expand my friend group and professional network with back in America as well. There were several times when I had to stop and ask for directions or about different things in the city, and this made me realize that strangers are almost always willing to talk and help you out when you're in need. Also, studying abroad has taught me to be open to any and all cultures. I thought I was culturally understanding before I went abroad, but I am now much more than I ever was. A specific eye-opening experience was the CEA planned trip to Morocco. The lifestyle there is so much different from what I have ever seen, and now I can at least understand somewhat how people there live.

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