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CEA Support for Signature Programs

CEA has the experience and expertise to support your university’s vision of creating a signature program abroad. Whether you are looking to create sustainable programming that doesn’t rely on a university leader, provide opportunities for underrepresented groups to have meaningful experiences abroad, or develop customized curriculum for Honors or First-Year students, CEA has the infrastructure and resources to bring your idea to life.

We understand that each signature program will be unique to the university or department’s needs and vision. And by nature, these programs are customized, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all program model or focus. But with CEA’s program development experience and local expertise, together we can create a lasting program that:

  • Stands out as a distinctive offering;
  • Is integrated into your programming and/or curriculum; and
  • Helps attract and retain students at your university.

Ideas for Your Signature Program

Learn more about some of the ways we have supported our university partners in their development of signature programs:

Signature Programs Supported By CEA

  • DePaul University: French & Film Quarter in Paris
  • Colorado School of Mines: FYE Semester for Engineers in Antibes
  • Providence College: Theology Semester in Rome
  • Thomas Jefferson University: Public Health Semester in San José
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County: Honors Literature Summer in Paris
  • University of Utah: Business Summer Sessions in Barcelona, Florence, Paris, and Rome
  • Washington State University: First Generation Summer in Seville

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