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First Year Experience
Study Abroad Program

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First Year Experience'

Custom FYE Abroad

About the Program

Whether you are looking for ways to energize your student body around international education or wanting to create a signature program that will brand your school for years to come, CEA CAPA has the teams and resources to help you develop and launch a customized FYE Abroad program!

FYE Abroad programs can help you:

  • Recruit top talent and brand your university around global initiatives
  • Retain students by providing a high impact and memorable experience
  • Enroll more students into your programs by utilizing facilities and resources overseas
  • Expand your diversity initiatives and your students’ worldview

In addition to custom FYE Abroad programs, CEA CAPA offers a ready-made cohort model in which institutions share resources with other first-year programs. Click here to learn more.

The CEA CAPA Advantage

By partnering with CEA CAPA in setting up a custom FYE Abroad program, your university can utilize:

  • CEA CAPA's Study Center facilities in select locations;
  • A rich portfolio of academic offerings with the added oversight of CEA CAPA's School of Record;
  • CEA CAPA's ability to develop new courses that are tailored specifically to your students;
  • Active learning and extra-curricular enhancements, with the added support of CEA CAPA's on-site Academic Directors and faculty; and
  • Student services, health, and safety support available to students throughout the program.

CEA CAPA is happy to partner with your university to determine which location will be the best fit for your international First-Year Experience abroad program. We have robust experience and expertise operating Study Centers in the following locations:

Buenos Aires
Program Models
  • Faculty-Led: Your faculty teaches your courses
  • CEA CAPA-Led: CEA CAPA teaches the courses via one or more of the following options:
    • CEA CAPA teaches your university’s syllabi
    • CEA CAPA adapts our own existing courses to 100-200 levels
    • CEA CAPA develops new courses specifically for your students
  • Hybrid: A combination of the above two models

MAINTAINING CONNECTIVITY WITH U.S. CAMPUS: CEA CAPA recognizes that an important aspect of FYE programs abroad is the cohort's connectivity to the university's campus culture. CEA CAPA will collaborate with your university to design unique activities that nurture the students' connection to the home campus, and allow them to remain in touch with campus culture and events.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR INCLUSIONS: To provide a fulfilling and culturally rich experience to the students, CEA CAPA recommends including frequently scheduled and structured activities throughout the program. We will partner with your university to source cultural activities and excursions that support the goals of your program and the needs of the first-year student population.

HOUSING: CEA CAPA offers a variety of housing types in each of our locations, but we recommend homestays or residence halls as the ideal student housing options for this type of program. These options may provide more structure to first-year students, and usually include a meal plan. CEA CAPA is happy to partner with your university to determine the housing type that will be the best fit for your program.


Due to liability concerns, and restrictions imposed by visa regulations and local laws, program participants cannot be younger than 18 years of age at the time of acceptance into the program.

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Contact your University Relations Director to receive sample curriculum plans and learn more about options for customization!

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“Mines’ partnership with CEA custom programs has been invaluable in the development of a new and unique signature student experience. Our collaboration with CEA has allowed us to realize our vision to create a first-year semester abroad experience that supports the required academic path while also providing our students an opportunity to expand their global knowledge and perspective, enhance their personal growth, and create memories that will last a lifetime. It is a joy to work with CEA and their customer service exceeds all expectations.”

Mary Cook, Director of Education Abroad at Colorado School of Mines

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