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Custom Study Abroad Programs at CEA CAPA

July 29, 2022
by Jayna Winn

Reintroducing Custom Study Abroad Programs at CEA CAPA

It’s time to achieve your goal of internationalizing your students’ education and expanding your study abroad course offerings by developing a custom program in partnership with CEA CAPA. CEA CAPA's Custom Programs team specializes in creating and facilitating custom programs abroad with institutional partners like you by leveraging the expertise of our global network of education abroad professionals, faculty, and staff for over 25 years. 

In this post, we discuss what makes CEA CAPA custom programs unique, define the custom program lifecycle, discover destinations, and help differentiate the custom program types we offer. 

What Makes CEA CAPA Custom Programs Unique?  

Our Custom Programs team works diligently to develop and facilitate high-quality custom programs that support specific student populations and learning outcomes. Although CEA CAPA is highly involved, the program is still uniquely yours. Jayna Winn, Director of Custom and Faculty-led Programs at CEA CAPA, understands that these are your institution’s unique programs, partnered with CEA CAPA. Winn is particularly passionate about custom and faculty-led programs as “a valuable tool in the effort to increase access to study abroad. Oftentimes, these customized programs offer more flexibility in timing, price, and curriculum, which ultimately leads to breaking down barriers for underrepresented student groups.”  

We understand how much planning, energy, and effort go into creating a successful study abroad program, and at CEA CAPA, we are dedicated to the details, so you don’t have to be. In short, CEA CAPA makes it easy for you to develop the custom and faculty-led programs that can meet the internationalization goals of your office and/or institution. By partnering with CEA CAPA, you’ll gain access to our international and U.S. staff expertise. 

What we can do for you: 

The custom program lifecycle at CEA CAPA comes equipped with our robust approach to program development, pre-departure planning, onsite, and post-program support. Look at all the ways CEA CAPAcan support you in every step of the program lifecycle: 

Program Development:  

  • Offer international locations with established infrastructure, program management expertise, and staffing 

  • Support your program’s academic structure, whether faculty-led, using CEA CAPA-facilitated academics, or both 

  • Source local academic enhancements to support your program’s learning goals, such as site/business visits, guest lectures, service learning, etc. 

  • Offer a variety of program duration and term options, including J-term, May-mester, summer, quarter, trimester, and semester 

  • Provide housing options to best suit your program’s outcomes and students 

  • Facilitate culturally immersive experiences beyond the classroom 

Pre-Departure Planning: 

  • Recruit students with support from marketing materials and resources  

  • Advise students on visa application process and pre-departure planning and support 

  • Facilitate introductions and direct communication with onsite staff 

  • Assist with design and facilitation of pre-departure orientation 


  • Welcome students at the airport 

  • Deliver a comprehensive orientation that includes health and safety guidelines 

  • Support academic coursework through sourcing of active learning components, classroom space, and/or instruction 

  • Provide extensive co-curricular, extra-curricular, and logistical support from permanent onsite staff 

  • Offer liability, medical, emergency, and evacuation insurance coverage, including 24/7 emergency support 

Post-Program Support:

  • Send program evaluations  

  • Deliver official transcripts or grade reports, as needed  

  • Meet to debrief and reflect on experience  

  • Help facilitate post-program and reentry workshops and events on campus as needed 

  • Meet with institutional partners to debrief and reflect  

  • Begin planning any future programs 

Custom programs at CEA CAPA provide the expert-level support, resources, and flexibility you need to create your own quality and creative academic program. Expand your course offerings in 18+ destinations located in academically significant cities across Europe and Latin America. Discover CEA CAPA destinations where custom programs are offered here

Different Types of Custom Programs 

From business to biology, interior design to sociology, CEA CAPA offers a wide range of academic disciplines and co-curricular activities. Whether you want to offer a course taught by your own faculty or a customized group arrangement in an area of interest, CEA CAPA can help make your program a reality.  

CEA CAPA has the experience and expertise to support your institution’s vision of creating a signature program abroad, so that it stands out as a distinctive offering, integrates into your programming and/or curriculum, and helps attract and retain students at your institution.  

Additionally, custom programs can be intentionally designed for particular identity groups, ensuring that the specific interests and needs of these students are championed and supported. 

Get started today by contacting your CEA Institutional Regional Director to discuss your program ideas and don’t forget to request a proposal for your custom program. 

Interested in partnering with CEA CAPA on a new destination or program? Reach out to your CEA CAPA Institutional Regional Director today.
Jayna Winn is the Director, Custom & Faculty-Led Programs.
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