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Social Psychology Virtual: Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Program Fall 2020 Semester - Early Start 3 Course - Virtual

Social Psychology

Social Psychology Course Overview


CEA CAPA Partner Institution: CEA Virtual Center
Location: Virtual, Virtual
Primary Subject Area: Psychology
Instruction in: English
Course Code: PSY331
Transcript Source: TBD
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 45
Prerequisites: Prior to enrollment, this course requires you to have completed one introductory course in General Psychology or equivalent.


This course provides you with an introduction to the psychosocial study of human life and focuses on the central topics of this evolving discipline. To this end, the course explores the main theoretical approaches to the field of social psychology and provides current examples of practice in the field along with a number of practical applications of core concepts covered in class readings and discussions. These include in-class exercises and historical analyses of social and media events. The theoretical exploration, coupled with practical experience, will enable you to assimilate theoretical knowledge and apply it to experiential learning activities related to course concepts and learning objectives.

The core objectives of this course are: to spark awareness of and appreciation for a subject at the crossroads of social interaction and individual identity; to provide an operational framework for using social psychology for generating insights into individual, intergroup and group phenomena and dynamics; to initiate you into the process of questioning and reflecting upon underlying psychosocial forces acting upon everyday life situations; to introduce you to the empirical methods used by social psychologist for extracting hidden meaning from commonplace social situations; and to provide you with conceptual methods and practical tools for managing daily social and psychological dilemmas.

Structured into six distinctive modules covering the main aspects of the discipline of Social Psychology and its application to contemporary phenomena, the course addresses: theoretical approaches and tools; self & identity; social influence; interpersonal relationships & diversity; group behavior; and self-presentation. Within these areas, you will engage in field research on particular topics of interest to you within an intercultural framework.

This course is taught in a virtual format by one of CEA's onsite instructors from across our 8 study center locations.

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