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August 2021

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What's Coming Up

September 16 at 9:00 a.m. PDT
CEA Café - Onsite Staff Chat

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Grab your coffee (or tea!) and join us in the CEA Café to get to know a few new faces in our Barcelona, Paris, and Aix-en-Provence Centers. Come ready to ask questions, learn about our new Program Directors, and find out what they're looking forward to this fall.

CEA Now Offers CAPA London Programs

We are excited to announce that as of Spring 2022, a selection of CAPA's London programs has been added to CEA's portfolio of academic and internship offerings. As a longstanding leader in the in the London study abroad landscape, CAPA has been providing study and intern abroad programs to students in London for decades and we are looking forward to expanding access to these programs to our institutional partners.

The following CAPA London programs will be available to CEA's partners and your students:

New COVID Policies

Giving our partners the most up-to-date information about our COVID policies and procedures has been of the utmost importance over the past 18 months. With students arriving abroad in the coming weeks and advising for Spring '22 picking up, we want to make accessing the most up-to-date information as easy as possible for our partners, your students, and those who need and want stay informed. Please review our recently updated COVID-19 policies and program updates page and contact your Regional Director if you'd like to access our official COVID-19 Protocols and Best Practices for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

New Advisor Webinar Series

The field of education abroad saw a dramatic workforce reduction due to COVID-19. At CEA, we are heartened to see so many campuses hiring back education abroad positions, and we want to support those who might be new to the field. Keep an eye on your inbox for our new advisor webinar series, kicking off in October with a "Study Abroad 101" session for advisors. We can't wait to see new faces and get to know you!

Spring '22 Flight Vouchers

CEA is dedicated to making going abroad accessible for all students, and one of the ways that we can do that is through our flight vouchers. With financial aid often hitting accounts too late to go toward the purchase of a flight, we give students the opportunity to utilize a flight voucher through StudentUniverse for their semester or summer abroad program. Our current flight voucher code for all Spring '22 onsite programs is Spring22World and we encourage you to bookmark this link so you can share it with students who are looking to save money on their flight!

Internship Engagement Series

In late September we will be hosting an internship engagement series for students to help them better understand and prepare for their CEA internship program.

Here's our lineup of events:

Please feel free to share this page or the individual events links on your website and with your students who want to get more information about international internships. You can also reach out to your Regional Director if you’d like to schedule a time to learn more about CEA’s internship programs!  

Student Spotlight

Chapman alumna Pilar Quezada studied abroad with CEA in Seville, Spain, during Fall 2019 semester. Tune in to the two Chapman Study Abroad Podcast episodes on Spotify to hear more about Pilar's story, and what studying abroad as a Latinx and first-generation college student was like. Check out the podcast in our blog, Podcast: Being a Latinx Student Abroad in Seville, Spain.

Student Spotlight Photo

CEA in Action

Take a break from your inbox and see the Spring '21 study abroad experience through our students' eyes while they take a stroll through Alicante.

Did You Know?

In order to to support our students and institutional partners, CEA offers batch visa processing for students attending semester programs in Spain. We want to help those students who might have to travel several hours to get to their nearest consulate and cut down on the uncertainty of the often-frustrating process of applying for a visa! If you'd like to learn more, contact your University Relations Director.

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