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Career Development Assessment Form

Thank you for your interest in a CEA CAPA Career & Internship Program, we're excited to work with you. Please complete this interest form to provide us with a better understanding of your interests and readiness for this professional experience. Completion of this form will take approximately 10-15 minutes. You will not be able to save and return later, so please plan to complete the form entirely.

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We are excited to learn more about your placement preferences. Below, you will be asked to list three areas of interest for your internship placement. Reflect on your relevant academic and professional skills, experiences, knowledge, and interests when selecting your areas. We encourage you to be open-minded and flexible about potential placement areas, since this will help you maximize your chances of finding a truly enriching and fulfilling internship experience. 

Please refer to our 'Career Pathways' webpage to see a list of common placement areas. From the webpage, please click on each placement field you are interested in to verify if it is available in your chosen program location. Not all placement fields are available in every program location.

CEA CAPA will match you with the most aligned placement and host organization that will allow you to develop transferable skills and connect your knowledge, skills, and expressed interests; while taking into consideration the local possibilities and realities in your program destination. Our team will make every effort, but cannot guarantee, to match you with an experiential placement role and host organization that aligns with all your expressed preferences.

We guarantee to source an experiential placement that will allow you to develop the key transferable skills (NACE Career Readiness Competencies) that US-based employers most want all graduating undergraduate students to have to be competitive in today's job market and effectively work with diverse groups in both the US and globally. Please review our CEA CAPA Experiential Learning Placements Policy for more information (Section 2.6.2. of the CEA CAPA Education Abroad Policies).

NOTE: You only need to submit this form once. Immediately after submission, note it will remain as an Outstanding Item in your CEA CAPA Student Portal's To Do List (if applicable). Please allow time for it to be moved to Completed Items. In the event it is not received, a CEA CAPA staff member will contact you.