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Custom Group
Study Abroad Program

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Custom Group Programs'

Custom Group Programs

Draw upon CEA’s academic expertise, course development experience, and international network of educators to expand your campus abroad. With Custom Group programs, CEA faculty deliver tailored coursework abroad for your students on your academic calendar. In collaboration with your institution’s department leaders, CEA can help build sustainable programs that:

  • Build on the momentum of popular faculty-led programs;
  • Offer key courses in an international context; and/or
  • Expand your study abroad offerings without straining resources.

Work with CEA to customize courses to your students’ needs using a variety of group program models:

Ready, Set, Custom!

Our courses on your schedule, curated to specific themes like Leadership, Sports & Culture, and Global Competence.

  • CEA courses, CEA faculty
  • Develop a program quickly and easily using CEA course instruction
  • Select from curated themes and customize to your needs
  • Perfect for Maymester, J-Term, Quarter, Block schedules, and more – on your schedule
Expand Your Campus Internationally

Your courses taught abroad to your specifications. Relieve pressure from long course waitlists and align courses with internationalization goals.

  • Your course, CEA faculty
  • Supplement limited campus resources and space
  • Meet campus or department internationalization goals
  • Perfect for departments focused on internationalization or as a solution to oversubscribed courses
Sustain Established Programs

Keep your established programs growing, even when changes occur. Instead of retiring popular programs when faculty can no longer participate, keep them running with CEA.

  • Your program, CEA faculty
  • Build on momentum of established programs
  • Take advantage of CEA’s recruitment and logistical resources
  • Perfect for popular homegrown programs in need of faculty
Develop New Courses

Develop new courses taught by CEA faculty. CEA can co-develop and teach unique courses or tailor existing courses to an international context.

  • Your new course, CEA faculty
  • Align new courses with internationalization goals
  • Outsourced and collaborative course development you control
  • Perfect for supporting students underserved by study abroad, Honors, new majors and minors, global learning communities, and more

Each of the above Custom Group Program models can be implemented onsite by CEA without an accompanying faculty leader. Alternatively, they can be combined with a faculty-led course to create a rich, multi-perspective academic experience for your students. CEA can also explore customized partnerships with our international partner universities.

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CEA Academics

CEA is committed to delivering and facilitating high-quality academic experiences abroad. Our CEA Study Centers are managed by highly qualified, locally knowledgeable academic directors, all trained in industry standards of good practice. The University of New Haven (UNH) in West Haven, Connecticut, serves as the School of Record for courses taught at CEA Study Centers. All CEA-taught courses are designed at a high level of academic rigor and taught by qualified instructors.

CEA also utilizes strategic academic partnerships to strengthen our offerings. Our standard programs are designed, monitored, and approved in collaboration with respected international institutions and their accrediting bodies, host countries, and U.S. and international faculty. Learn more about CEA Academics.

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