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Academics: What to Know Before Studying Abroad in Alicante, Spain

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The education system in Spain has many differences from the education system in the United States. Before choosing your study abroad program, it is important to know what your program offers and how the host university works with its students. Many of these factors could help you decide whether study abroad in Alicante is good choice for you.  

  • First, make sure to speak with your advisors in your home university/college, and find out what classes you need and what classes are important for you to take next.  

  • After doing that, you will need to see the classes offered in your chosen study abroad program list. (This will be available to you on the CEA website.) Pick the classes that you might need to take or that count for your major. Don’t forget to make sure to consult with your advisor on these before going abroad.

  • Have alternatives, just like in your home university, as you won't always be able to register for your first-choice classes. (Note: If you know you can only take certain classes, studying abroad will not be able to guarantee the classes you need.) 

  • Registration is not open until a week before classes. The program director will get the classes for you depending on your choices.  

  • Classes start at different times.  

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  • Registration is open for a week or two for students to make changes. The last day of registration is the last day to drop a class.  

  • Classes can run from as early 8 a.m. to as late as 9 p.m.  

  • Classes might be in Spanish, including some labs.  

  • In many cases, your home university will require you to pass a course before taking another. Exams are not until January for the University of Alicante. You can, however, arrange to take exams before leaving with your professor.

  • Professors will expect you to do more work outside of class, and this might be more challenging for American students since you may not be used to this.  

  • Some classes might overlap, and this is normal in UA. Just speak to your professors and come to an agreement.

Thania Inoa de Jesus is a CEA Alumni Ambassador who studied abroad in Alicante, Spain, during the Fall 2019 semester. She is currently a student at Albright College.

Thania Inoa De Jesus is the Fall 2019 Alumni Ambassador in Alicante, Spain, and is currently studying at Albright College.
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