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New Dean Introduces Global Campus in Buenos Aires to Students

  CEA Global Education is pleased to welcome Mr. John Hudson as the Campus Director and Associate Academic Dean for our ninth and newest Global Campus in Buenos Aires. CEA is currently accepting applications for Fall 2010, but Mr. Hudson graciously agreed to take time away from campus preparations to answer a few questions about why students should look to Buenos Aires for study abroad.

Why a Global Campus in your city?
(Mr. H) Buenos Aires is one of the 10 largest cities in the world. Traditionally known as the “Paris of South America," Buenos Aires is a hotbed of culture and activity and an exciting place that literally “never sleeps." Like many U.S. cities, Buenos Aires is a “melting pot," its citizens descending from different waves of immigration originally from all over Europe and in recent years from Asia as well as other Latin American countries.

What does your city offer students that is unique to your location?
Buenos Aires is known throughout Latin America for its human talent, particularly in the educational world. Argentine professors and trainers are well-respected and in demand throughout the region, and Argentina has an academic tradition beginning in the 17th century when Jesuits established the first university in the country. The country continued its tradition with excellent higher public education in the 20th century and the growth of private universities in recent years. As a result, Buenos Aires is an attractive destination for college students not only from Latin America, but also from the U.S. and Europe. Students will benefit from the Buenos Aires culture, thus learning not only from what they see in the classroom, but also what they will discover throughout the city.

What are the advantages of studying abroad at this Global Campus?
Students will have the opportunity to better understand a major city in a region sometimes referred to as “America’s back yard” and of strategic significance to the U.S. By increasing students’ familiarity with Latin culture and language, it also helps contribute to understanding the culture and language of many Hispanic Americans, the fastest-growing minority in the U.S.

What else can students expect to gain from studying abroad at your campus?
Students returning from Buenos Aires will have gained the invaluable experience of living and learning in a major developing country, and will have acquired a greater awareness of the cultural differences and the challenges of communicating, interacting and doing any kind of business with people in this part of the world. Buenos Aires possesses the tremendous advantage of offering students the familiarity of a European culture but with the challenges they will find in any foreign location throughout their lives. Students will have the opportunity to learn our culture and customs, including our fascinating history, delicious food and proud traditions. Of course, students have an excellent opportunity of learning or improving their Spanish, as well as getting to know our diverse geography. Argentina goes from tropical jungle in the north to Antarctic ice in the south, and offers all kinds of variety in between!

Why should students consider studying at a Global Campus in Buenos Aires over other locations?
Buenos Aires offers a great opportunity to combine academic achievement along with all the factors that have made the city an attractive destination for people from all over the world: a fascinating culture, great food and many entertainment opportunities. In addition, Buenos Aires in 2010 will be hosting many events in celebration of Argentina’s bicentennial.

Mr. John Hudson is the Campus Director and Associate Academic Dean for CEA's ninth and newest Global Campus in Buenos Aires, Argentina. To learn more and apply for the inaugural class of Fall 2010, check out the Global Campus in Buenos Aires.
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