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Top Ten Reasons to Apply for Spring 2009 Study Abroad Now!

Next January may seem far away, but to be able to study abroad next spring there are many things you need to do before departure. Take advantage of the free time you’ll have this summer by taking care of the details required to study abroad now. Many documents take time to process and it is much easier to prepare them while you have some free time rather than while you are taking a full load next fall. Once you are accepted into a program your advisor at CEA will help you take the necessary steps to make preparing for your study abroad a breeze, without cramping your summer style. By applying now you have the ability to lock in the destination and program you want, plus you’ll be first in line for all the perks, like getting the housing you really want. Programs fill quickly so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Visa processing takes time
    • Get a head start on the process by being prepared. Your advisor will walk you through all the steps needed to make this process go smoothly and as soon as you are accepted, your MyCEA Account will provide you with online tutorials on where to go and who to contact to get your visa.
  • Up your chances of your housing requests being met
    • Placement is first come first served! Each city has different housing options: CEA apartments, dorms, or homestays. Make sure that you get your first choice by getting ahead of the crowd.
  • Enroll in popular courses that are likely to fill
    • Just like your home institution, there are only a certain number of seats and they fill up fast.
  • Be the first to take the leap, your friends will follow
    • Just like you, your friends are waiting to see who is going where. The problem is that if you all wait too long then the programs you want might be full by the time you apply. Be the leader, make the choice and encourage your friends to follow.
  • Secure current pricing and avoid the effects of a continued rise in the Euro
    • We all know what is going on with the economy and with the dollar dropping the Euro becomes more expensive. By applying to study abroad now you can lock in the price for your study abroad. You can also start converting dollars to your destination's currency right away and negate any future rise in the value of that currency against the dollar.
  • Have ample time to set your own itinerary and make travel plans
    • Your study abroad is the perfect opportunity to travel. You can spend your summer researching and planning the amazing trips you will take during your study abroad: like skiing in the Alps, hopping around Munich, catching the French Open, seeing a soccer match, or attending the Cannes film festival.
  • Give your academic advisor time to approve your courses
    • We all know that getting any outside course work approved can be a lengthy process and study abroad is no exception. Give your advisor ample time and it will make both of your lives a lot easier.
  • Buy your airfare early and save
    • It’s no secret that the price of flights only gets higher the closer you get to departure and with crude oil at $126 a barrel, fares are only going to rise. Upon acceptance you can book your flight and lock in the lowest price for your airfare.
  • Beat the deadline for a CEA scholarship
    • Study abroad is always more fun with extra money in your pocket. By applying now you can gain eligibility to submit for a CEA study abroad scholarship.
  • Procrastination leads to stress – who needs it
    • This isn’t the paper you pulled an all nighter on during finals. Get in on study abroad now so you can be excited this fall, not stressed!

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