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Introducing Virtual Internships

CEA is proud to announce its new opportunity for students to engage in a supervised international work experience
and build their global career readiness competencies while staying close to home.

Intern abroad and stay local this summer

Local Culture of Londontown Mar 22, 2016 by CEA MOJO

London Residence Tour Feb 29, 2016 by CEA MOJO

Daytrip to Stonehenge & Bath Feb 22, 2016 by CEA MOJO

One Second Every Day in London Jul 16, 2015 by CEA MOJO

CEA Londoners Jun 23, 2015 by CEA MOJO

York & the North of England May 14, 2015 by CEA MOJO

Internships in London May 12, 2015 by CEA MOJO

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How to be a Proper Brit Apr 29, 2015 by CEA MOJO

London Underground Apr 28, 2015 by CEA MOJO

Must-Visit Places in London Apr 17, 2015 by CEA MOJO

London Pride Mar 29, 2015 by CEA MOJO

How To Move To London Feb 18, 2015 by CEA MOJO

Goodbye is Only for Now Jan 30, 2015 by CEA MOJO

Regent's Park Jan 12, 2015 by CEA MOJO

Let's Take a Stroll Jan 6, 2015 by CEA MOJO


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