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Content Creator Application

Going abroad with CEA next semester and love to produce creative work? Share your study abroad journey through photography, blogging, and video as a CEA Content Creator! Partner with a global organization and develop professional skills to add to your résumé. Please complete all application fields below.

*Required Fields

Blog Applicants

Provide a link to a 200-400 word sample blog with at least 3 original photos addressing this topic: "Favorite Parts of my Hometown." Or provide a link to a piece that you’ve previously written for a publication and include 2-4 relevant photos.

Come up with 3 samples of catchy blog post titles. Consider topics prospective study abroad students would like to read that you could write about during your time abroad.

Photo Applicants

Create a photo story around one specific topic that conveys what you saw and felt in that moment. Share a Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer link with 10 photos and write a Statement of Intent (3-5 sentences) that captures your photo story’s theme.

Video Applicants

Provide a YouTube link to a 90 sec (min) video.

Sample Video Set Topics: Come up with 3 sample video set topics that prospective study abroad students would like to watch, and you are interested in filming.

Share a YouTube link of a 60s video depicting why you selected your study abroad city and what you’re most looking forward to learning. Your challenge is to find a creative way to depict this (i.e. use B-roll, motion graphics, etc.).

Looking to do more?

We’re looking for energetic students with a strong social presence to share their story about education abroad this fall as a CEA Insider. Post regularly on your social platforms on behalf of CEA and build your personal brand!

Application Signature

All submitted work produced by CEA Content Creators must be completely original and not appear elsewhere. Any work copied or plagiarized will be disregarded and will immediately disqualify the Content Creator from their role. Creative work contributed by Content Creators becomes CEA’s content and may be distributed through digital and print channels.

The content submitted must not depict excessive drinking, dangerous activities, nudity, inappropriate language, or show disrespect toward any group, culture, or community. Content Creators must not participate in anything that would put themselves or others in danger.

Review CEA’s Content Creator Requirements.

If selected, you will be contacted via email by our Content Creator team to officially accept your position. Upon successful completion of full program requirements, CEA offers monetary compensation of $300 delivered via gift card.

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