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We provide you with support from the minute you start thinking about studying abroad, to the day when you return home again...and everything in between! During the pre-departure process, CEA's Admissions Counselors, Site Specialists, and Student Accounts Team will help you find and apply to the right program, figure out your funding options, work with your home university to ensure your credits transfer, prepare for international travel and study, and have a successful experience abroad.

Housing Options


CEA's diverse housing options let you live like a local while you're studying abroad. Your program price always includes standard CEA housing, and in many locations, you may select CEA's optional housing to access certain amenities.

Each CEA destination offers a unique blend of carefully chosen housing options, some of which may include:

  • Apartments
  • Homestays
  • Residencias
  • Foyers
  • Studios
  • Residence Halls
  • Casa Universitarias
  • Extended Stay Hotels

In most of our destinations, you also have the option of arranging your own independent housing. Review each option to find the best match for you!

Special Accommodations

CEA works with students who need special housing accommodations abroad according to their needs and which housing options are available. You'll have the opportunity to indicate any special requests during the pre-departure process; your Site Specialist can provide you with details.

Living Abroad

10 Reasons You Should Study Abroad

Policies/Code of Conduct

Find CEA policies, including the Student Code of Conduct, here. By applying to a CEA program, you agree to adhere to all CEA policies. Please note, all policies are subject to change. It is the responsibility of each applicant to review these policies for the most current information.

Wellness Resources

Learn about staying safe, healthy, and well while you're overseas. Read more about finding balance and sexual health and safety abroad.

Cultural Adaptation

Learn how to adapt and thrive abroad! Read more about cultural adaptation.


Want to earn money and build your portfolio for sharing your experiences abroad? Become a CEA MOJO—Mobile Journalist—Blogger or Photographer. Learn more about the MOJO program!

Cultural Engagement

Engaging with and learning from the host community is an integral piece of the study abroad experience and a key to expanding one's worldview. Cultural engagement can also be one of the most enjoyable‒yet challenging‒aspects of living in a new culture. CEA strives to facilitate these experiences for our students through multiple opportunities; whether on a group outing to a performance of Swan Lake in Rome or volunteering at an organic farm in San José, Costa Rica, CEA approaches our cultural engagement activities with intentionality.

Volunteering: There's no better way to engage with the host culture than by giving back to it. Students enjoy a myriad of opportunities to uncover their host culture's many layers; from dedicated volunteering placements spanning the length of their program to one-off opportunities, there's no shortage of ways to get involved.

Cultural Engagement Activities: These purposefully planned activities engage students with various aspects of local culture. Cooking workshops, football matches, museum exhibits, and hiking are just some of the planned experiences that help students feel more at home in their new city.

Excursions: Excursions take students outside of their host city and into other regions of their host country to gain a more holistic perspective of the culture. From daytrips to nearby destinations like beaches, wineries, coffee farms, and quaint towns, to overnight trips to more distant locations, students find excursions a fun way to venture outside their host city and expand their knowledge of the host country's culture.


Welcome home! We hope you had an amazing, life-changing experience abroad that you'll never forget. Now that you're a CEA alumni, what's next?

How about sharing your experiences with prospective study abroad students on your campus through the CEA Alumni Ambassador program? This career-building internship opportunity allows you to stay involved with study abroad while boosting your résumé and expanding your professional network.

If you're like most alums, you might be experiencing a bit of re-entry shock. Don't's completely normal! After all, you just spend weeks—or months—assimilating into your study abroad destination, making new friends, eating new food, and, in many cases, learning a new language. During your time abroad, you got used to your new life.

Now that you're home again, you may be experiencing reverse culture shock; in fact, most study abroad students go through this emotional phase at re-entry.

Signs of re-entry shock may include feeling:

  • Overloaded by the lights, smells, sounds, and speed of life
  • Like your friends and family aren't interested in or can't understand your study abroad experience
  • Bored with the pace of life at your home university
  • Like you don't have much in common with your friends anymore
  • As though you're spending lots of time thinking about your study abroad site and planning for a return trip
  • Restless, uncertain, homesick for your study abroad site, depressed, alienated, isolated, or simply things are just a bit "off"

For many students, re-entry shock is even more difficult than the culture shock they experienced when they went abroad. Why? Because most students expect to feel a bit disoriented when entering a new culture—but don't expect to feel that way when they return home to their own culture.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize these feelings of bewilderment, frustration, and uncertainty:

  • Keep in touch with other alumni from your program, as well as other alumni from your study abroad site, to reminisce about your adventures abroad and share tips to deal with re-entry.
  • Seek out on-campus groups with an international focus. Joining a French cooking club, a fútbol club, or a group for international students can help you remain connected with the culture you experienced while abroad. Can't find a group that matches your international interests? Start one yourself so you can connect with other global-minded students on campus.
  • Did you speak another language while you were overseas? Find a conversation group, seek out other local speakers to practice with, or tutor an international student to keep your new skills sharp.
  • Volunteer in your campus's study abroad or international student services office.
  • Volunteer with an organization that works with immigrants in your community.
  • Check out real-life advice from other CEA Alumni who've experienced re-entry.
  • Become a CEA Alumni Ambassador on your home campus and spread the word about how amazing study abroad is!

Remember, re-entry shock isn't permanent. With a bit of time and patience, you will re-adjust to life at home; in the meantime, taking action can help things start to feel "normal" again.

You can always give CEA a call at 1.800.266.4441; we were here for you when you were planning your study abroad experience, and we're here for you now that you're back! All of our Admissions Counselors and Site Specialists have studied abroad, so they know what it's like to return home after being abroad.


Small and Welcoming
“I loved it. I had the perfect host family, location, program director, and group of friends in my program. The city is small and welcoming with tons to do.”

Anna Weidner
University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse,
Fall 2015, Alicante, Spain

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