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Participation Agreement


1. I understand that my participation in a study abroad program ("Program") organized by CULTURAL EXPERIENCES ABROAD, INC., (“CEA”) an Illinois corporation is contingent on CEA's review and acceptance of my CEA Application ("Application").
2. I acknowledge that I have read and accept the terms and conditions set forth in CEA's Policies, available on CEA’s website, CEA Policies, which are incorporated herein by reference and which constitute part of this Application. This agreement is a legally binding contract.
3. I acknowledge that I may engage in activities that involve risk of loss of property, personal injury, illness or death. I hereby assume all of the foregoing risks and I release, waive, discharge and agree to hold harmless CEA and its officers, directors, employees and agents from any loss or liability in any way relating thereto. I unconditionally release CEA from any claims for damage, injury, loss, or expense of any nature resulting from events beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of God, war, strikes, crime, terrorism, sickness or quarantine, government restrictions or regulations. This release also applies to any losses arising from the use of any vehicle or from the selection of, or from any act or omission by, any housing agency, host family, travel agency, transportation provider, hotel or excursion provider, host institution, company or individual.
4. I understand that I will be traveling to a foreign country, with different customs, standards, laws and risks than I am accustomed to. I understand that my ability to travel between and/or access countries, including the United States, mat be postponed, denied or limited due to government laws, regulations, and orders that create restrictions over which CEA has no control and no ability to remedy. I understand and acknowledge that (a) I may become sick or injured while participating in a Program; (b) I may be arrested or imprisoned if I do not conform to local laws; (c) there exists crime in foreign countries and that I may be a victim of crime; and (d) I may not agree with local customs and standards. I accept the above described risks and other risks associated with travel in, to and among foreign countries. I understand that I am responsible for exercising caution and common sense at all times, and that CEA is not responsible for my safety or acts of third parties and, imposition of governmental restrictions. I agree to release and not hold CEA responsible for any such problems I encounter participating in a Program.
5. I understand that as a Participant in the Program, I may be residing in housing arranged by CEA. I also understand that during the Program orientation, housing practices will be explained to me, and a housing contract will be presented. I agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement and Release, as well as any additional agreements or contracts required during the pendency of the Program. In particular, and with respect to housing, I acknowledge and understand that I am solely responsible for my own possessions and safety of those possessions, and that CEA is not responsible for theft or burglary of my possessions, nor is CEA responsible for lost or misplaced possessions of mine at any time. I also acknowledge that it is my sole responsibility, relating to my personal possessions that I inquire from my insurance company, whether any particular property or rental insurance policy I maintain, or that are maintained for me, cover my possessions, will be valid in the location of my study abroad program, and if not, that if I wish for my possessions to be insured, that it is my sole responsibility to deal with insurance providers who will cover my possessions in the location of my study abroad program, and it is my sole responsibility to understand, make available, or obtain coverage for my personal possessions in the location of my study abroad program.
6. I understand that as a participant in the program, situations may arise that require my immediate contact, whether that be emergency concerns relating to the program, the foreign country in which the program is situated or, matters relating to my family or other close relationships. I understand that CEA, if it needs to contact me relative to such a situation, will utilize reasonable efforts in the circumstances, including e-mail communications and telephonic communications. I acknowledge that CEA has advised that all participants should acquire upon arrival at their program destination, local cell phone service which is the only reliable manner to ensure that CEA staff can reach students in the case of an emergency, as Wi-Fi spots for communications in countries abroad may not be as dependable and/or available as in the United States. I also acknowledge, in order to facilitate communication of situations impactful to me, CEA requires I share my travel itineraries with CEA Staff should I choose to travel independently, away from my program host city, during my CEA program stay. It is further understood that CEA, if it needs to contact me, will utilize reasonable effort in the circumstances, including email communication and telephonic communication [outreach to other CEA program participants, communication with my Emergency Contact and/or my home university.] Should I not obtain a local contact number, fail to share my local contact number and/or travel plans with CEA, or refuse to communicate with CEA, I acknowledge CEA will not be able to advise or direct me as needed, resulting in potential risk to me.
7. If I am sick or injured while participating on the Program, I authorize CEA to take such action as it considers necessary to secure treatment and/or transportation back to the United States. I release CEA from any liability relating to this medical care. I agree to provide the name of an Emergency Contact whom CEA may contact should CEA deem it necessary. If CEA incurs any expense on my behalf that is not covered by insurance, I agree to make immediate repayment upon my return. I hereby acknowledge that this Application does not create any affirmative duty or responsibility for CEA to take any action should I become sick or injured while participating in a Program.
8. I also authorize release to CEA, through my signature below, protected health and mental health records, such release expiring on completion of the Program. By signing below and providing this release, I understand that:

  • I can revoke this Authorization at any time by giving my written revocation to the Disclosing Provider/Covered Entity. My revocation is not effective as to disclosures already made and actions already taken in reliance upon this Authorization.
  • I can refuse to sign this Authorization and the disclosing provider/plan may NOT condition treatment, enrollment in the health plan or eligibility for benefits on whether I sign this Authorization.
  • I am authorizing disclosure of information protected under federal law. This information, once disclosed, may be subject to re-disclosure by the recipient and may no longer be protected by state and federal law.
  • I may ask the provider/covered entity for a copy of the protected health information being disclosed under this Authorization.
  • I will be provided with a signed copy of this Authorization.
  • A photostatic copy of this document shall have the same effect as the original of same.
  • Authorization to release health and mental health records does not create an affirmative duty or obligation for CEA to do a background check of Applicant as Applicant remains obligated to be honest and forthright, and not omit or misrepresent information requested. CEA reserves the right to obtain records pursuant to this release, within the applicable period, in the event of ambiguity of information, disputes or unanticipated or unusual conduct exhibited during the Program.
9. I will comply with all CEA’s Policies, including its rules, standards, instructions and practices for program participation behavior, including housing. I understand that failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the Program. If dismissed, I understand that (a) the cost of returning home is my own expense, and (b) I will not receive a refund of any kind. I understand that my participation may be terminated if I am expelled from school, deemed academically ineligible by the school, or otherwise disciplined by school or civil authorities, or if CEA, in its sole discretion, determines that my conduct is incompatible with the safety or welfare of other participants and/or myself, or, in any way undermines the Program interests, safety or welfare of other participants. I agree to indemnify CEA if I do anything that causes CEA to sustain financial loss or liability.
10. I understand that CEA requires all participants to enroll in the CEA insurance plan. I understand it provides insurance coverage for my benefit while in the Program, including limited health, accident and accidental death insurance. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to understand the limitations of this coverage and agree that CEA is not responsible for any uninsured losses.
11. I understand that CEA reserves the absolute right to reject my application or dismiss me from a Program if, after acceptance, CEA learns of a condition (personal, medical, academic and/or psychological) which in the reasonable opinion of CEA may endanger me or others, and/or puts me at risk in a foreign country, and/or shows a history of an inability to adapt to challenging situations, and/or creates or requires burdens and resources not required or necessary to maintain other students.
12. I understand that CEA occasionally uses statements made by its students and/or their photographs in marketing materials on the web and in print. I consent to such use of my statements or photographs. I agree that CEA may add my name and email address to an email distribution list which will be shared with other participants on my Program, unless I notify CEA in writing otherwise.
13. I authorize CEA to release my application and supporting documentation to my host institution(s), my home institution(s), their personnel and CEA staff.
14. I understand that CEA or the sponsoring academic institution reserves the right to make changes, cancellations or substitutions to the Program for insufficient enrollment, emergency or changed conditions or based upon the interest of the group. I understand that any expenses incurred due to these changes, cancellations or substitutions are at my expense. If I choose to leave the Program as a result of these changes, I understand there will be no refund of program fees or of any expenses already paid.
15. I understand that obtaining a passport and any other required travel documents is my sole responsibility. I understand that CEA retains the absolute right to reject my application or dismiss me from the program after acceptance, if I am unable to confirm that I possess all appropriate travel documents. In addition, because it is my responsibility to travel legally and possess all necessary travel documents, I will not hold CEA responsible at any time relating to my dismissal from the Program for insufficient travel documents including costs and expenses associated with my dismissal. By offering participation in Study Abroad Programs, or processing my application, CEA is making no representations (verbally or through actions) relative to immigration issues, inclusive of passport or visa issues. I  understand that the inability to obtain these visas and other documents does not constitute grounds for a refund or waiving of any program fees.
16. Any action or suit brought relating to this Application or my participation in a Program must be commenced and maintained in the appropriate state court of Arizona, located in Phoenix, Arizona or a Federal district court located in Phoenix, Arizona, as applicable. The parties irrevocably consent to jurisdiction and venue in such courts for such purposes and agree not to seek transfer or removal of any action commenced in any such court, and agree that Arizona law applies irrespective of any conflict of laws analysis. In the event either party hereto institutes an action or other proceedings to enforce any rights arising under this Application, the party prevailing in such action or other proceeding will be paid all reasonable costs and attorneys' fees by the other party. Such fees to be set by the court and not by a jury and to be included in any judgment or award entered in such proceeding.
17. References in this agreement to "Applicant", "I", shall include the Applicant, any legal guardian or parent of the Applicant, and the Applicant’s spouse and heirs. References in this Agreement to "CEA" shall include Cultural Experiences Abroad, Inc, and its subsidiaries, and all of its officers, directors, employees, agents, interns, representatives, group leaders, and host school officials.
Applicant Authorization

I (or if I am a minor, my undersigned parent or legal guardian), certify that all of the information I have provided on this Application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I agree to inform CEA as soon as I learn of any error or change to this information. I understand that any misrepresentation, irrespective of whether innocent or intentional may result of rejection of my application and dismissal from the CEA Program, irrespective of whether the Program commenced or not. I acknowledge that, in making its acceptance decision, CEA may rely on the information that I have provided. I have read and agree, through my signature below, or by checking the box below for an on-line application, that all terms and agreements in this application, including but not limited to this Program Participation Agreement and CEA policies (application policies, payment policies, on site policies, housing policies, student code of conduct policies, academic policies and academic integrity policies) together with any additional policies adopted by CEA and applicable during the tenure of the program for which I am applying, are agreeable, are understandable and, this acknowledgement forms a legal and binding obligation/contract. This agreement will be effective as of the date stated below and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona.