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Go Global. Stay Local.
NEW Summer & Fall 2020 Virtual Internships
and Study Programs are now available

CEA is proud to announce our new series of Summer and Fall Virtual Internship and Study programs. Students can now achieve their goal of expanding their global perspective from home. For more information about these new innovative program opportunities, follow the link below.

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Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At CEA, going abroad for a study or internship experience should be accessible to and inclusive of every student. Whether you are studying an uncommon major, are from a minority ethnic group, have limited financial means, or are considered underrepresented in international education for any other reason, at CEA we want you to know going abroad IS an opportunity for you. Engaging with new people, cultures, and languages is an incredible way for you to learn more about your own identities, values, and beliefs. We want to make sure that that process of self-discovery is an affirming and informed experience. Going abroad can be challenging, but CEA is here to offer the right level of support for you to thrive.

CEA is dedicated to expanding opportunities abroad for students who don’t fit the traditional model. Together with our university partners in the US and abroad, we are working to expand access, increase diversity, support inclusion and benefit not only the participants in our internship and study programs, but the communities they join and the world at large.

CEA's Diversity Statement

As an international organization dedicated to global education, CEA encourages the appreciation of diversity to cultivate respect, inclusion, and academic excellence. We advocate for all members of our community to “Embrace Differences,” one of our core values.

CEA fosters diversity by:

  • Offering ongoing awareness training for staff and faculty;
  • Facilitating inclusive student experiences through pre-departure advising, on-site arrival orientation, and dynamic curricula that emphasize cross-cultural understanding and global connectedness;
  • Creating educational opportunities for students to learn about different cultures and languages;
  • Providing resources and support staff so students can report concerns and seek appropriate assistance.

Our Partners

CEA is a proud member of IIE's Generation Study Abroad initiative, which seeks to "mobilize resources and commitments with the goal of doubling and diversifying the number of U.S. students studying abroad by the end of the decade."


The CEA Shop

We want to show our students and university partners we care about diversity where it counts: through funding. That's why we created the CEA Shop. When students and their families purchase our destination-specific products, the profits go toward funding CEA's Diversity Scholarship. Our t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and tote bags feature beautifully illustrated designs for each of our destinations that can serve as a long-time reminder of a student's time abroad. The CEA Shop gives our students the opportunity to help their peers go abroad, tapping into their desire to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world.

Join us in our commitment to increasing student diversity abroad.

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Diversity and Inclusion

For more information about CEA's Diversity and Inclusion initiative, scholarships and general resources please follow the link below.

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Diversity Stories

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The Importance of Being Black and Going Abroad


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