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Welcome back, CEA CAPA alumni! Thank you for studying abroad with us. We hope you’ve returned with an enhanced résumé, new friendships, unforgettable memories, and most importantly, a broader view of the world.

The best part about being an alumnus? The opportunity to help and support other students go on their own great adventure abroad!

You can also explore re-entry resources and opportunities to connect with our alumni network as you transition back into home life and learn how to reap more benefits from your experience going forward.

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

Nelson Mandela

CEA CAPA Alumni Ambassador Program

Share Your Experience With Students on Campus

Your study abroad journey doesn’t have to end when your program does. Leverage your experience and enthusiasm for study abroad as a CEA CAPA Alumni Ambassador! Our program gives you the chance to inspire others to embark on their own study abroad adventure.

Our goal is also to help you answer the “what now?” question. We help you better articulate your growth, clarify your career aspirations, and consider your next steps after graduation.

We designed this program around a student schedule: it is flexible and customizable based on your availability, interests, and goals. Make the position your own by developing an outreach plan that best fits your campus and interests!

Become an Alumni Ambassador

What it's Like Being an Ambassador

As a CEA CAPA Alumni Ambassador, you create study abroad awareness in person and via social media, while supporting students through the pre-departure process. You commit for at least one semester, and can continue as long as you’d like!

All outreach must follow guidelines established by your home campus and study abroad office.

Outreach may include:

  • Supporting the study abroad office
  • Presenting to student groups
  • Assisting CEA CAPA representatives during their visit to your campus
  • Create a video or blog for CEA CAPA social media
  • Share your experience on social media
  • Answer student questions through the Ambassador Directory
    Program Benefits

    CEA CAPA’s Alumni Ambassador program gives you the following perks:

    • $300 payment upon completion of the program + additional rewards!
    • Ambassador Go-Again Discount* (Double the alumni rate!)
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Academic credit (if approved at home institution)
    • MIIS Graduate School Scholarship for all former and current ambassadors
    • Career-advising workshops and support
    • Leadership opportunities and professional development
    • Onsite Ambassadorship Program (limited locations available)
      • Student leadership and professional development opportunity for our high-performing Ambassadors to be selected to return to where they studied abroad, support program operations, and help facilitate the study abroad experience for onsite students.
    • Enthusiastic CEA CAPA alumni who want to support prospective study abroad students
    • Hold a minimum of 2.5 GPA (lower averages considered on case-by-case basis)
    • Financially cleared with CEA CAPA

    Contact the CEA CAPA Student Engagement Team for more information:

    Become an Alumni Ambassador

    What to Do Once You’re Home Again

    Log into your Student Portal Account for:

    Feeling a bit of reverse culture shock? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. For many students, this can be more difficult than culture shock experienced overseas.

    Here are some ways to facilitate your re-entry process:

    Become an Alumni Ambassador

    Your study abroad journey does not end when your program does. Leverage your experience and enthusiasm for study abroad as a CEA Alumni Ambassador!

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    5 Steps in Prioritizing Mental Health While Studying Abroad

    Mental Health Abroad

    5 Steps to Prioritize Mental Health While Studying Abroad

    While studying abroad, mental health and wellbeing is often discussed in terms of homesickness, but the day-to-day emotions are quite different to work through. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, it was important to me to find ways to practice mindfulness after I arrived to study abroad in Spain. I find the best advice for this is to be flexible and patient with yourself whenever you’re in a new environment. Here are five tips for practicing mindfulness and prioritizing mental health while studying abroad. 

    Step 1:

    Identify the things you enjoy doing in your new location.  

    Hiking is one of my favorite activities because it connects me with nature and releases endorphins. You can find anything you want to do in any location with a little research. Cercedilla, a snowy neighborhood in Madrid, Spain, is where I found a breathtaking hike with views of the four towers in Madrid. I took labeled hiking trails and saw views that I wouldn’t have seen if I never discovered the things I enjoy doing in my new location.  

    hiker finishing trail

    Step 2:

    Simply observe nature in your new surroundings.  

    The Temple of Debod, an Egyption temple built in the second century BC, is one of the coolest places in Madrid to watch the sunset. On weekends, it's the best place to watch the sun paint the sky, listen to live street musicians, and take in the spectacular view of Palacio Real. 

    Sunset at Temple of Debod

    Step 3:

    Develop mindfulness while traveling by dating yourself.  

    That is, go out to a restaurant, museum, or people-watch in a park alone. Doing these activities solo is important because it encourages self-love and confidence. I decided to treat myself to lunch at the Guiness Book of World Records' oldest known restaurant, Restaurante Botín.

    Pages of a book

    After lunch, I went to read a romance novel in Retiro Park (another little-known form of therapy), where I saw fountains and many people rowing boats on the lake. 

    A fountain in a park

    Step 4:

    Try something new.  

    Visiting museums and parks became one of my favorite ways to explore mental creativity. Exploring Park Güell truly feels like you're in another world.

    Park Güell

    My favorite piece of art I saw while studying abroad in Madrid has to be Sonia de Klamery. This painting reminds me of what divine feminine is and there’s so much to see and feel whilst looking at it.

    a painting on display at museum

    Another thing to do is try new foods. Food is fuel, and it'll power you through your studies and many hours of exploring new cities. You may believe that you're an expert on your favorite dish, but are you? You run the risk of missing out on a dish that you could possibly enjoy if you never try new things.

    Plate of food

    Trying new meals also adds new nutrients into your diet. Eating is my favorite geography lesson. Butifarrita Catalonian sausage, a tapa in Barcelona, was a delicacy that pleasantly surprised me. 

    plate of tapas

    Step 5:

    Connect with people you care about.  

    I had the pleasure of meeting a friend from my hometown in Barcelona, but this isn't always possible. Seeing faces that remind you of home is the best way (for me) to cope with homesickness. My high school friend, Morgan from New Jersey, studied abroad in France and met me in Barcelona! Having said that, journaling is a great way to maintain wellness because it allows you to not only talk to yourself about your day, but also to reflect on it and discuss it with loved ones later. 

    two friends smiling in nature

    The best things happen when we step outside our comfort zones and say yes to adventures. And these are good strategies for maintaining mental health! How did you prioritize mental health while you studied abroad?  

    Flowers for sale at flower shop

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