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CEA Social Media Policy & Online Community Guidelines

CEA invites all prospective study abroad students, current CEA students, alumni, academic affiliates, relevant industry experts, and students’ friends and family to participate in our social media sites/online communities. Discussion may include sharing experiences, asking questions, and communicating about study abroad or other relevant topics. (Please note: Do not report any health/safety emergencies through social media, as they will not receive an immediate response. In those situations, use the 24/7 U.S. emergency phone number by calling 800-266-4441, or contact your onsite CEA staff members.)

To encourage this dialogue, CEA maintains a presence on multiple social media sites, including, but not limited to:

As an organization, we strive to ensure that our online communities feature appropriate content within a productive, respectful, and friendly environment. For that reason, we ask that all social media participants comply with the following policies:

  • Onsite Emergency Reporting. If you have a health or safety emergency, please do not report these situations using social media. Instead, use the 24/7 U.S. emergency phone line (800-266-4441 and follow the prompts), or use the emergency contact protocol your CEA team provided.
  • Protect your privacy. Remember, anything posted may be publicly visible for a long time. Even if a post is deleted, it may have been indexed by search engines and/or copied to other sites – so only post after careful consideration.
  • Play nicely with others. To create a respectful environment for all participants, posted content must not glorify a party culture or excessive drinking; include inappropriate, profane, or obscene language; disparage/disrespect any individual, group, culture, or community; or be illegal, threatening, or defamatory.
  • Usage rights. Posting content grants CEA the right to copy, display, distribute, edit, incorporate, reformat, reproduce, transmit, and translate that content, as well as non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, and worldwide license to use that content.
  • Out of our hands. CEA cannot control how other social media participants may use your publicly posted content.
  • Rights reserved. CEA reserves the right to review, edit and/or delete any postings and submitted comments at its sole discretion.
  • Monitor and moderate. CEA strives to monitor all posted content and provide necessary responses in a timely manner. However, sometimes this isn’t possible; responses may not be immediate.
  • Your opinions and views are your own. Any opinions or views expressed by participants in CEA’s online communities are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of CEA and its officers, employees, or staff. CEA is not responsible for the content of any link to other websites; the inclusion of links to external sites does not constitute CEA’s endorsement of those sites.
  • Outside Services. To maintain a community environment, CEA reserves the right to remove any advertising or promotion postings for services, events, or products that are not in line with our communities and/or that CEA is not affiliated with.
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