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Spring 2024 Semester London

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About the Program

Choose courses from more than 30 subject areas in the University of Westminster’s (WMN) extensive catalog. Gain marketable skills and first-hand experience in London business culture by adding an international internship opportunity. You’ll attend class with other international students in this immersive, integrated program. With several campuses throughout the city, studying at WMN provides the rare opportunity to study in London's lively West End, known for its shopping and entertainment. Earn credits toward your major, or enroll in classes that align with your academic or professional interests. This flexible program puts the choice in your hands!


  • Overview
  • Location:
  • London
  • Dates:
  • 1/13/24 - 5/25/24
  • Price:
  • $25,995
  • Credits:
  • 12 - 16
  • Deadlines
  • Apply by:
  • Closed
  • Withdraw by:
  • 10/26/23
  • Application Requirements
  • Transcript - Official
  • Complete Application
  • Westminster Application Form
  • $95 Online Application Fee
  • Eligibility
  • English Language Proficiency:
  • Native English speaker or satisfactory TOEFL scores
  • Course Prerequisites:
  • Some courses may have prerequisites.
  • Course Prerequisites:
  • Students applying to take courses at the University of Westminster's Harrow campus are required to submit a portfolio of past work for entry consideration.
  • Minimum
  • 2.7
  • Education
  • 1 year as a registered college student by the time of application

Founded in 1838, the University of Westminster is a leading research institution that’s known for its focus on international education. CEA CAPA students study on the university’s campus in the heart of London’s vibrant West End.

When you study abroad in London, you can choose CEA CAPA housing or arrange your own independent housing. CEA CAPA housing assignments are based on availability and confirmation date; we make every effort to match your housing requests, but we can’t guarantee housing preferences.

Program Structure

Choose between a study only or study + internship option. In the study only option, you'll enroll in 3-4 Westminster courses. Generally, courses are worth 4 credits in the U.S. semester system. You may earn 12-16 credits. The number of contact hours for each course varies and may be comprised of lectures, seminars, and tutorials. Due to differences in the British higher education system, there is no standard for the number of days a week a course may meet. Class meeting times vary across departments and subject areas.

The Study + Internship option allows you to substitute one course with an internship, which includes an academic seminar and an internship placement. Your internship seminar meets for 36 seminar hours and you'll spend a minimum of 168 hours at your internship placement. Together, your seminar and internship placement are worth 4 credits. Internship placements may take place Monday-Friday during typical business hours. The exact time and days of the week will be decided in conjunction with your host organization. Once your work schedule is set, there will be limited flexibility to modify it. Expect to spend 14 hours per week at your internship organization.

We strongly recommend that you apply as soon as possible. Internship positions are both limited in availability and competitive; employers give priority to those who submit early!

To qualify for an internship, you must have taken classes in a relevant discipline. The recruitment process will begin before your departure; the majority of internships require a Skype/telephone interview with the employer before placement is confirmed. CEA CAPA makes every effort to confirm placements by two weeks prior to the program start date at the latest, however, in some cases placements may be confirmed upon arrival. Internships are competitive and determined on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The academic structure below lists a small sample of subject areas available. You will have access to introductory, intermediate and advanced courses in a variety of subject areas. See below for information how to access the University of Westminster website for a full list of courses.  If you wish to enroll in practical courses offered through the School of Media Art & Design at the Harrow campus, you must submit a portfolio for review consisting of slides, photographs, or digital images of your work, demonstrating your level and suitability for the course.

You’ll complete a Westminster Application Form indicating course selections and alternates before you leave for London. This will facilitate your pre-approval by the departments and/or lecturers for entry into your chosen courses. When selecting courses, make sure you are looking at the campus designation. Final course registration takes place during the first week of the program. It is in your best interest to have multiple alternative courses approved by your home university prior to your departure due to course availabilities. Please consult with your academic advisor at your home university on credit pre-approval guidelines.




The host institution has offered the following courses in the past. Please note that course listings may not be finalized until the start of the term; we’ll post an updated list when the host institution finalizes its offerings.

*Courses with an asterisk indicate that the course has been associated with multiple subject areas.
Please click on the course title to view additional subject areas and detailed course information.

Navigating the University of Westminster Website for Courses

The University of Westminster is organized into three colleges. Each college is divided into Schools specializing in various academic and professional disciplines. Because of the commute between each college, CEA CAPA and the University of Westminster strongly encourage you to choose courses offered on a maximum of two colleges and preferably plan to visit only one college per day.

College: College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries
Schools: School of Architecture and Cities, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Westminster School of Arts, Westminster School of Media and Communications

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
 School of Humanities, School of Life Sciences, School of Social Sciences, Westminster Law School

College: Westminster Business School
School of Applied Management, School of Finance and Accounting, School of Management and Marketing, School of Organizations, Economy and Society

Choosing Your Courses

Step One

International Internship and Full Curriculum
Click here to view the University of Westminster courses. Please refer to the “How to choose your modules/classes for the semester” * section for program information and specific instructions if selecting any Media, Arts & Design courses Once finished, scroll down to “Module Catalogues” section to see a list organized by schools at the University of Westminster.
*Disregard the Application Form. As a CEA CAPA student you will have access to the Westminster Application form on your Student Portal.

Step Two:

Click on the appropriate Semester (Semester 1= Fall and Semester 2= Spring) under the school in which you are interested in taking classes. In each school section you will find an introduction to the school and a list of all the modules that the school offers to study abroad students. This list will tell you the module (class) code, the title of the module, the level of the module (which corresponds to the order of modules as they appear in the catalogue), the semester that it runs, the number of credits attached to the module and US/ECTS credit equivalency. For example:

    3BCM401 Biochemistry Level 4 Semester 1 UK Credits 20 US Credits 4 / ECTS Credits 10

      3BCM401 Biochemistry Semester 1 Level 4 Credit 15

At the University of Westminster, modules are validated at a level corresponding to a particular year of study (with the exception of modules from the Department of Polylang, which are graded in accordance with language advancement). The levels are as follows:

  • Level 4, which is equivalent to the 1st year of an undergraduate degree
  • Level 5, which is equivalent to the 2nd year of an undergraduate degree
  • Level 6, which is equivalent to the 3rd year of an undergraduate degree

Some modules at Level 5 and Level 6 may have pre-requisites requiring students to have already completed specific modules or equivalents at a lower level. As a study abroad student, you are not expected to have taken the specific pre-requisite requirement, but you must have studied a relevant or similar course/module in your home country/institution.

Some modules have co-requisites, which mean that the module and the co-requisite must be taken at the same time. If no pre-requisites or co-requisites are specified, then modules should be open to all students. However, you should take previous academic experience into account when making module choices. For example, you should not be thinking about taking a Level 6 Politics module if you have never studied the subject area or have only taken one introductory class in the subject area. Westminster students taking a Level 6 Politics module will have specialized in Political Science for at least two years, meaning that subject area knowledge along with relevant research and analytical skills will be advanced. Typically, these students will also be seeking a degree in Political Science. With regard to Level 4 modules, some will be introductory and designed for beginners, but it is important to be aware that most Level 4 modules will require some previous knowledge of the subject area. This is because UK students tend to study subjects at university that they specialized in during their final three years of high school (i.e. Levels 1-3).

To reiterate, you will not be approved for Level 6 modules without extensive experience in that area of study. If there is a Pre-requisite or Co-requisite requirement, it will be specified under the module title.

Please Note: Students participating in a year program will fill out courses for ONLY the Fall semester on their Westminster Application Form or Westminster Internship Application Form. They will register for Spring courses once onsite. However, year students do need to get 8 courses for the Spring semester approved before arriving in London

For internship students: Even though you take 2-3 courses along with the internship, Westminster requires that you get 6 courses approved, 3 first-choice and 3 alternate. The internship is NOT GUARANTEED until you are onsite and have met with the company. Therefore, you will already have a full load of courses approved if anything occurs that causes you to not participate in the internship.

Students normally take the equivalent of 60 to 80 UK credits (12-16 US credits) per semester. This means that students typically take 3 or 4 modules per semester at Westminster, as the majority of modules are worth 20 UK credits (4 US credits) each. However, keep in mind that the final say on how many credits you will receive is up to your university. Remember, if you wish to select Practice/Practical classes from the School of Media, Arts and Design, you are required to include a portfolio of your work with your application. This should consist of color photocopies, slides or photographs, etc. representing your level and suitability for the modules you are requesting.

Housing & Courses: Housing is based on the campus(es) at which you will attend class. If you have two or more classes at the Harrow Campus, then you will be housed at the Harrow Halls of Residence on Harrow Campus. If you have only one course at Harrow Campus or none at all, you will be housed in one of the central London Halls of Residence. If you have two classes at Harrow and two at a Central London campus, you will be housed at Harrow. Please note that the Harrow Campus and Hall are 30 minutes north of Central London. If you are housed at Harrow but have two classes at any of the Central London campuses, you will have to travel back and forth at your expense. If you don’t mind the commute and cost, then this option would be fine; however, students often find that it is too much to coordinate.

Also, if you are allocated housing at Harrow but change your course schedule after arrival to include only or mostly courses held at the central London campuses (or vice versa), you will not be able to change housing.

Courses and their corresponding campuses can be determined by looking at Westminster’s website.

Step Three:

Submit your University of Westminster Application Form, including course selections and alternates, to the CEA CAPA headquarters office. This form, in addition to your official transcript and other application materials, will be forwarded to the University of Westminster for course pre-registration purposes. Final registration will take place once you arrive in London.

Step Four:

You will notice that no timetable information is available on the Westminster website. At this point, you are pre-registering for courses and getting your courses approved in order to be accepted at the university. Upon arrival you will go through an extensive Orientation and registration period with the University of Westminster International Office. Your course schedule will be finalized at that point.

If you have further questions regarding how to select courses or about the CEA CAPA program at the University of Westminster in London, please contact a CEA CAPA Student Advisor at 1-800-266-4441.


Get out and explore! Excursions are offered for most semester, year, and summer programs*. Semester students are typically offered between two to three excursions and summer study students are typically offered between one to two excursions. You'll receive a calendar of excursions during orientation; here are a few day and overnight excursions we've offered in the past.



The official home of England’s royal family for 900 years, Windsor claims to be the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world. Tour the immense grounds, lavish staterooms, crowd-pleasing dollhouse, art gallery, and chapel. You’ll also visit the state apartments, from the intimate chambers of Charles II to the enormous Waterloo Chamber, built to commemorate the victory over Napoleon in 1815. All are exquisitely furnished with important works of art from the Royal Collection. After lunch, head across the bridge from the castle toward the college of Eton, the exclusive school that’s educated eighteen former British prime ministers and members of the royal family.

See Details


The beautiful city of Cambridge is known for its academia, architecture, and majestic buildings, like Kings College and Great St Mary’s Church. Enjoy a guided tour of the colleges and learn about the history of the University, as well some of the pranks Cambridge students get up to. Take a punt down the river Cam, or jump on a bicycle and see the city the way the locals do.

See Details


Oxford is famous world-over for its University which, with its thirty-eight colleges, is the home of British academia. Oxford was established in the 9th century and residence of both royalty and scholars for over 800 years; today, the city is a bustling cosmopolitan town. The excursion to Oxford begins with a walking tour of the delights of Carfax Tower, Bodelian Library, Ashmolean Museum, and Christ Church, founded by Cardinal Wolsey in 1524 and one of Oxford's largest colleges. More recently, Christ Church gained fame as a setting in several Harry Potter films. After the tour, you’ll have free time to explore other colleges, shop in the covered market, or try your hand at a traditional Oxford past-time: punting on the river which, similar to a Venetian gondolier, tests your strength and navigation skills.

See Details
Stonehenge and Bath

Stonehenge and Bath

Travel by coach from London to Salisbury Plain, site of mysterious Stonehenge. The first stones are believed to have been placed as many as 5000 years ago, with the final phase completed around 1,500 BC. Wonder at how prehistoric man managed to transport these stones, weighing up to 5 tons each, across many miles before the invention of the wheel. Continue on to Bath, famous for its hot springs and 2000-year-old Roman Baths. The tour includes a visit to the Baths, where you can walk in the footsteps of the Romans and even taste the spring waters. Later, join a guided walking tour of this World Heritage city to admire its Regency architecture, including the Royal Crescent.

See Details

Sample Budget

This budget contains costs that you can take to your financial aid office. Please note that amounts may fluctuate; we’ve included a range of costs.

Federal law allows the use of financial aid to cover “reasonable” costs of study abroad including round-trip transportation, tuition and fees for the program, living costs, passport and visa fees, health insurance, and more.

Please note that all costs and charges listed below are subject to change without notice. With the exception of Program Price, all costs are estimates and may vary.

See Budget

Sample Calendar

Below is a tentative itinerary for your program. Please note, dates and events below may change without prior notification. Contact CEA CAPA before purchasing airline tickets.

You will receive a finalized itinerary once you arrive onsite.

Note: Additional cultural activities/excursions or required course-related activities may be incorporated into your final itinerary. You are advised not to make personal travel arrangements until you have the final dates.

See Calendar

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