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Photography in Rome Politics, Economics & Business Program Fall 2021 Semester - Rome

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Photography in Rome

Photography in Rome Course Overview


CEA CAPA Partner Institution: CEA CAPA Rome Center
Location: Rome, Italy
Primary Subject Area: Photography
Instruction in: English
Course Code: PHT301FCO
Transcript Source: University of New Haven
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 45
Additional Fee: $50.00
Additional Fee Description:This course requires payment of an additional fee to cover active learning components that are above and beyond typical course costs.
Required Supplies: Digital camera (DSLR, with full manual functions, minimum of 4 megapixels) or 35 mm SLR camera (SLR, full manual functions) and 50 mm SLR or equivalent lens (also a zoom including the 50 mm). You will be required to spend $200 on film and developing during this course.


Learn how the camera can be used in a foreign environment as an exciting tool of documentary record, cross-cultural understanding, artistic expression and self-discovery. After an introduction to the fundamentals of photography, both traditional and digital, your camera will be constantly trained on the city of Rome itself, its architecture, history, people, and rich culture, and as you develop your technical, compositional and critical skills as a photographer you will create a portfolio of images that will both showcase and celebrate your whole unforgettable study abroad experience. Throughout the course you will be able to post your best work on the course website to record and display your experiences.

Your in-class workshops will develop your practical and theoretical skills, and your photographic trips throughout the streets, squares and courtyards of the city centre will be complemented with landscape work in the Roman countryside and an encounter with a local photographer in his studio, and with a visit to the Roman Historical Museum and Archive of Photography to see historic and contemporary photographs of Rome and Italy. At the end of the course your instructor will deliver a critical review of all of your work, and you will exhibit your best work at the school.

You may choose to work with traditional or digital photography. Either way, it is absolutely mandatory that you bring a 35 mm SLR (single lens reflex) camera (digital or traditional). Digital cameras must have a minimum of 4 mega pixels. Traditional cameras must be able to be loaded with 35 mm films. Your camera must have a manual mode and at least a 50 mm lens (or a zoom including the 50 mm focal length). It must be functioning and, particularly if old and unused for a long time, has to be reviewed professionally before you leave the U.S. Do not bring any film with you as it is frequently destroyed by airport security scans.

Photography in Rome Q&A
Q: What kind of camera is suitable for this course?
A: An ordinary digital camera without manual mode will NOT suffice! Your camera MUST be either a digital single lens reflex camera (full manual functions, minimum of 4 megapixels), or a 35mm single lens reflex camera (full manual functions) and/with 50mm or equivalent lens (or a zoom lens including the 50 mm). If you do not understand these terms or descriptions you can contact your CEA Advisor at (800) 266-4441.
Q: Do I need to bring my camera's instruction manual?
A: Yes!
Q: Can I share a camera during this course?
A: No. It will be impossible to get your work done properly if you don't have constant access to your own camera.
Q: What kind of film is recommended if I do not have a digital camera?
A: I recommend color slides / transparencies. It is better that you do not buy them in the US since they can be fogged and damaged by the x-ray machines at the airport. Instead, you should wait to buy them here in Rome (we will go to the photo store together during the first lesson.)
Q: How much will I need to spend on film and developing?
A: You will be required to spend between $200 and $250 on film and developing during this course, if you have a non-digital SLR camera. If you have a digital SLR, you will be required to buy only CDs for your assignments.
Q: Is there a darkroom?
A: No. This course focuses on shooting and interpretation, and does not include the use of a darkroom or hands-on developing.
Q: What happens if I arrive without the right camera but I am enrolled on the course?
A: If you don't have the right kind of camera you will have a chance to purchase one after you arrive, as your professor will guide you in your purchase.

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