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Fundamentals in Organic Chemistry: Structure & Reactivity Organic Chemistry Program Summer 2023 June 6-Week 2 Course - Alicante

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Fundamentals in Organic Chemistry: Structure & Reactivity

Fundamentals in Organic Chemistry: Structure & Reactivity Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: University of Alicante
Location: Alicante, Spain
Primary Subject Area: Chemistry
Instruction in: English
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 4
Contact Hours: 60


In this subject an overview of organic chemistry will be given to students. They would be able to relate the basic principles and general characteristics of reactivity of different functional groups with their properties and structure. Likewise, the basic principles of stereochemistry and its influence in the reaction outcome will be presented.
Learning Outcomes:
- Recognize many functional groups and their reactivity.
- Set up glassware and apparatus to conduct simple experiments in Organic Chemistry.
- Interpret data from a range of physical techniques to characterize Organic compounds.
- Present the results of a practical investigation in a concise manner.
- Recognize many fundamental bond forming reactions and how to apply them in synthesis.
- Describe bonding models and appreciate how these impact on the properties of a simple molecule.
- Apply curly arrow nomenclature to depict the mechanistic course of a reaction.
- Appreciate when different reactions are likely to compete and ways to bias reactions towards a single outcome.
- Understand the influence of bond polarization on a molecule?s structure and reactivity.
- Evaluate the risks associated with an experiment and understand how to mitigate those risks.

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