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LBS 307 International Dispute Resolution International Relations & Political Science Program Fall 2022 Semester CEA & AAU Hybrid - Prague

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LBS 307 International Dispute Resolution

LBS 307 International Dispute Resolution Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: Anglo-American University
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Primary Subject Area: Law
Instruction in: English
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 42
Prerequisites: LBS 101 or LEG 101 recommended (but not required)


While conflict and disputes may be an unfortunate reality for every part of life or business, the methods for resolving conflicts have been changing in recent years. Although litigation and trials have been the most common and widely recognized method for resolving legal disputes and conflict, particularly in the United States and other common law countries, this is changing around the world. This course will explore alternative methods for conflict and dispute resolution, such as mediation, arbitration, and restorative justice. Operating in many areas of law ranging from business, criminal, family, and juvenile law to human rights and the workplace, these methods are becoming increasingly common as cheaper, quicker and more dynamic and effective options for resolving conflict and rebuilding relationships. In fact, individuals are far more likely to encounter these mechanisms in their lives than a traditional trial or court case. AAU is uniquely positioned to explore the processes, strategies, and purposes of conflict resolution in an international and intercultural setting by focusing the approaches in the US, the UK and Central Europe, as well as jurisdictions, such as New Zealand, which has pioneered restorative justice methods and Canada which also emphasizes restorative justice for indigenous groups. This course will go beyond the books and give students the chance to engage in and experience each of these alternative dispute resolution mechanism through simulation, interactive projects and various engaging activities. It is particularly relevant for students considering law or anyone wanting to gain knowledge and skills for effectively resolving conflict.

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