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Emerging Markets International Relations & Communication Program Fall 2019 Semester - Bogotá

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Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets Course Overview


CEA CAPA Partner Institution: Universidad de La Sabana
Location: , Colombia
Primary Subject Area: Business
Instruction in: English
Transcript Source: TBD
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 2
Contact Hours: 32


The importance of emerging markets in the world?s economy has grown dramatically over the past 25 years. Compared to the highly industrialized economies, emerging markets have grown at an outstanding rate, to the point that without emerging markets, the current rate of world economic growth would be considerably lower at the moment. Emerging market countries now collectively account for 36% of global GDP, compared with only 18% in 1995; and about 50% of global exports, compared with 27% in 1990; and 50% of global capital spending, compared with 26% in 1990 (CFA INSTITUTE The Importance of Emerging Markets).

In addition, emerging markets have had, in recent years, a superior rate of economic growth compared with the highly industrialized countries. The two groups of EM, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), and CIVET (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa), are countries with huge potential to grow their economy at a steady rate of 4% or higher (compared to older industrial countries - such as the United States, Europe, and Japan - where the growth rate has been less than 2% on average).It is key to understand how these emerging markets have developed their economies, and to look into specific cases of MNE (Multinational Enterprises) that show the level of commitment, entrepreneurship and innovation required to be considered an Emerging market.

At La Sabana, contact hours are calculated through a combination of lecture hours and outside activities (which can include workshops, fieldwork activities, guest lectures, and independent work), therefore contact hours may vary on syllabi. La Sabana awards credits based on the conversion - One Colombia Credit is the equivalent of 16 contact hours - therefore, the recommended U.S. credits are based on the contact hours assigned per course.

**Universities may opt to award additional credits for courses taken at La Sabana based on the total contact minutes in a course as students are enrolled in courses that meet for 60 minutes per contact hour versus the U.S. that only meet for 50 minutes per contact hour.**

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