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Dynamics Engineering Program Spring 2022 Semester - Paris

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Dynamics Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: CEA Paris Center
Location: Paris, France
Primary Subject Area: Engineering
Instruction in: English
Course Code: ENGR225CDG
Course Details: Level 200
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 45
Prerequisites: Introductory Physics, Statics, Calculus III (derivation, integration, and elements of vector calculus)


This course will guide you through Dynamics, the branch of Engineering Mechanics that deals with the movement of bodies subject to forces and constraints. The study of motion and its causes is developed in two stages, kinematics and kinetics. Kinematics introduces the basic tools, such as position, displacement, velocity, and acceleration that allow the description of motion of an object in space. Kinetics connects this motion to its causes - that is - to the forces that act on the object. Analysis passes from the basic motion of point particles to the more complex motion of rigid bodies as encountered in numerous engineering applications. The study of Dynamics introduces quantities, such as momentum, angular momentum, resultant force, and moment of a force that relate motion to its causes through Newton's Laws.

As a tool for Engineering, Dynamics will provide you with the methods to analyze and use physical laws in mechanical devices, such as the moving parts in an engine. The course includes basic elements of point particle physics, Newton's First, Second, and Third Law, the behavior of systems of point particles, collisions, and rigid systems. It also makes use of conservation laws, such as energy, momentum, and angular momentum conservation to predict system behavior.

You will have the opportunity to discuss in physical and quantitative terms the motion of projectiles, of pendulums, of bodies subject to viscous drag, the functioning of mechanical devices, levers, and gearwheels.

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