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Local Journalism Business, Management & Finance Program Spring 2025 Semester - Madrid

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Local Journalism

Local Journalism Course Overview


CEA CAPA Partner Institution: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Location: Madrid, Spain
Primary Subject Area: Journalism
Instruction in: English
Course Code: 13458
Transcript Source: Partner Institution
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 42
Prerequisites: News Reporting, Interpretative reporting, Information Skills, Online Journalism, Journalism on the Web


1-What is Local Journalism
1.1 Concept of Local Journalism
1.2 An exciting work
1.3 How is exercised Local Journalism in Spain
1.4 Similarities and differences with the national and international journalism

2 - An Approach to the Industrial Situation in Spain
2.1 The relationship of the Spanish people with the print media. Reading rates
2.2 The progressive regionalization of information
2.3 The relentless focus on large groups

3-The Agenda Setting at Local Press
3.1 The Agenda Setting creation
3.2 The local newspapers as the main creators of agenda setting
3.3 The relevance of the local in the agenda setting
3.4 The other agenda setting of the local reality

4 - What is Important in a local newspaper
4.1 To the closest to the most remote
4.2 The municipal policy
4.3 The regional policy
4.4 Events
4.5 Society
4.6 Culture
4.7 Sports
4.8 Opinion
4.9 Letters to the Editor
4.10 Service Guide and calendar

5 - Press Offices in Local Government
5.1 Origin and conformation. The right to access the information at the local level
5.2 The many difficulties of institutional information. The communication plan
5.3 Traditional cabinets versus new cabinets
5.4 Future trends

6 - The Relationship Between the Media and the Local Government
6.1 The mutual dependence
6.2 Institutional Relations
6.3 Non-Institutional Relations
6.4 Trade Relations
6.5 Personal Relationships
6.6-Sources in the local journalism: advantages and disadvantages of the proximity of sources

7 - The Local Journalism as a Vehicle for Transmission of the Interests of Society
7.1 The identity aspects of a local newspaper
7.2 The local area and its market
7.3 The identity threatened
7.4 The construction of reality
7.5 The transmission of social interests

8 - The Impact of Internet on Journalism
8.1 Information without borders, no technological or economic
8.2. A new medium
8.3 A new form of communication that integrates all of the above

9-The Uniformity of Content
9.1 The proliferation of media containing the same messages
9.2 The predominance of national information on the rest
9.3 The main policy regarding information
9.4 The mimicry extends to the soft contents

10-Facing a Global Wolrdl with Glocal Journalism
10.1 The global media
10.2 National Media with global approach
10.3 Regional and local media with glocal content
10.4 Glocal, but journalism
10.5 The rescue of the miners of Chile. A local story turned into planetary

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