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JRN 301 Reporting in Conflict Zones Business, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Program Summer 2022 June 9-Week 2 Course - Prague

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JRN 301 Reporting in Conflict Zones

JRN 301 Reporting in Conflict Zones Course Overview


CEA Partner Institution: Anglo-American University
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Primary Subject Area: Journalism
Instruction in: English
Course Code: JRN 301
Course Details: Level 300
Recommended Semester Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 42


There are two simultaneous developments going on: in the media and in the world. All analyses illustrate a decrease in media freedom. At the same time, the world has been faced with more and more crises, ranging from Ukraine to Iran, frozen conflicts, such as Transdnistria or Nagorno Karabakh, and states that are unable to solve their own internal problems, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina. In such circumstances, media professionalism is crucial. There is no conflict today without media. Media can prepare a conflict, as well as forge it. Similarly, there is no conflict to be solved without media. In fact, media can even prevent the conflict in the first place. We need to go from the theoretical to practice; we need to from analysis to exercising it. By using different examples in this intensive course, we should be able to gain knowledge and recognize challenges in reporting in the time of conflict and media responsibility in the society.

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