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As we continue to grow our Internships Abroad program, we take into account where students and university partners want the program to be available. In partnership with the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, CEA is bringing our Study + Internship program to Madrid during all three sessions: spring, summer, and fall. UAN is renowned throughout Spain for excellence in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and in combination with their daily use of Spanish at the internship site, the university’s Spanish courses will help students take their fluency to the next level. Students who have taken at least four semesters of college-level Spanish can find internship placements here that are directly relevant to their career goals and give them the chance to practice speaking Spanish outside an academic context.

Internship placements in Madrid can be secured across several career fields, including finance, the arts, nonprofit administration, communication, education, political science, publishing, and more. As Spain’s capital and the third largest in the European Union, Madrid is home to several Spanish corporation headquarters, multinational companies, media organizations, banks, museums, art centers, and hundreds of small and medium-sized companies. Almost any career interest an internship student has can be accommodated in this city of diverse industries.  

During the fall and spring semesters, elective courses at UAN are available in disciplines such as business, cultural studies, history, international relations, sociology, and more. Many of the courses in the university’s catalog are available in English, while others are taught in Spanish. The summer version of this program offers Spanish language courses for the study component, available to students at the 200, 300, and 400 levels.

Contact your CEA University Relations Director for more information on the Study + Internship program in Madrid. We welcome your questions and comments.



While the short-term and long-term benefits of studying abroad apply to all undergraduate students, these benefits are particularly salient for honors students, who are typically their university’s brightest and most academically driven. The study abroad experience naturally aligns with the goals of honors education, giving students a broader knowledge base, pushing them to their greatest potential, and inspiring them to become global citizens.  

The National Collegiate Honors Council identifies five modes of learning in honors education: research and creative scholarship, breadth and enduring questions, service learning and leadership, experiential learning, and learning communities. The right study abroad program can significantly contribute to the fulfillment of all five modes, while uniquely enriching the honors student’s life through foreign cultural immersion.  

 Honors study abroad:

  • Exposes students to international sources of knowledge that can expand their perspective of U.S.-based research and scholarship 
  • Prompts students to ask new questions inspired by their program’s host culture and explore ideas rooted in that culture  
  • Enables students to contribute to their host culture through their knowledge, different perspective, and service 
  • Facilitates experiential learning in an international context
  • Expands honors students’ learning community on an international scale


CEA Study Abroad now offers two different pathways for Honors students to study abroad: faculty-led custom programming and the Honors Program in Amsterdam.  

Faculty-led custom programming ensures your students receive the level of instruction they’re accustomed to on your campus, while CEA’s extensive international network provides you with the onsite resources that will turn your program into a high-impact experience.

CEA’s international network enables us to arrange meaningful guest lectures, local site visits, and daytrips as part of an Honors Field Lab. Guest lectures will highlight the latest research and present thought-provoking topics in the program discipline, while site visits will utilize the host city and country to create experiential learning outside the classroom. Excursion destinations will correspond with your program focus, giving students the chance to gain even further insight into local history and culture while drawing substantive conclusions about their area of study. In addition to the Honors Field Lab, CEA can offer honors students cultural activities designed to help them learn even more about their host city and country.  

CEA’s study and extension centers, available in ten of our program destinations, will provide dedicated classroom space for your students and faculty. Your university can expect our custom program inclusions, such as housing, transportation, excursions, and health and safety support, to be a part of your Honors program abroad without asking your faculty to worry about the logistics. With CEA handling these important program details, your faculty will be free to concentrate on creating a signature program that will attract students for years to come.

If your honors students are looking for a semester-long experience abroad that offers a uniquely international approach to education, our Honors program in Amsterdam is a great choice. Provided through our partner, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, this Honors program is highly competitive and perfect for ambitious students who want to learn at an institution ranked amongst the world’s top 100 universities. We’re currently accepting applications for the Amsterdam Honors Spring 2020 program, until September 30.

For more information on how CEA can help your university create a faculty-led honors program abroad or on CEA’s Honors program in Amsterdam, please contact your CEA University Regional Director.



A strong support network is a vital component of student success abroad, which is why CEA developed our family engagement resources. We believe these resources give students’ families the information they need to adequately understand and support their students’ experience. We see families as our partners in facilitating positive study and internship abroad programs for students and strive to maintain transparency and accessibility to families while respecting student privacy. 

For every program session and CEA country, we create a family Facebook group where students’ family members can interact and receive important reminders and updates about their students’ program and events in the host country. Family members can ask questions of CEA staff in these groups and connect with each other, forming a family community that mirrors the one students form abroad.

Our two-part family webinar, followed by the corresponding question review sessions, provide families with a study abroad overview and information on student health and safety abroad in an easy-to-follow format. During the webinar, attendees have the chance to ask CEA staff questions, which are answered in the follow-up sessions. 

CEA’s Family Guide takes a deeper dive into all three stages of the study abroad experience: pre-departure, the program onsite, and the return home. Topics include how to talk to your student about going abroad during pre-departure, financial do’s and don’ts, what to know about housing, the health and safety support we offer students, and how students can make the most of their program after it’s over.  

Our admissions counselors and site specialists are always available to take phone calls from families with questions and concerns, especially while students are onsite. Though our enrollment staff’s primary relationship is with the student, they are equally as available to the student’s family for important discussions during any stage of a student’s program.

Please contact Elizabeth Kather at with any questions or comments on CEA’s family engagement resources.



Constant Support
CEA was wonderful to work with…Their support and knowledge was constant through the planning and execution.

Megan Doerr , Faculty-Led Programs Coordinator
Central Michigan University
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