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Empires of the Mind?
Occasional Publication #9

Empires of the Mind? Cover

Empires of the Mind? (Post)Colonialism & Decolonizing Education Abroad

CAPA’s Occasional Papers series exists to question orthodoxy and challenge perceived wisdom. This collection presents a plurality of voices in complex, brave, and challenging conversations with the reader. Colonialism shaped our world and distorted the ways in which people and nations relate to each other. While the great empires belong to history, legacies remain: empires of the mind. We are all children, sometimes orphans, of empire. In international education, decolonization is both an imperative and a complex and challenging process. It requires introspection and reassessment, a critical review of what we do, and how and why we do it. The essays in this collection respond to this challenge at a time of epochal change. This then is an invitation to agree, disagree, challenge, disturb, and disrupt assumptions. In that process, the authors here unearth ambiguities, enrich our discourse, and bring greater clarity to the work to which we are collectively committed.

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