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Cosmopolitanism and Diversity
Occasional Publication #2

Cosmopolitanism and Diversity Cover

Cosmopolitanism and Diversity: Concepts, Practices, and Policies in Education Abroad

Cosmopolitanism is a controversial term that has recently re-emerged in a wide range of social, political, and cultural contexts. For some commentators, it is associated primarily with new visions of global democracy; for others, it is a term which challenges conventional notions of belonging, identity, and social engagement. These papers reveal a complex, contested set of ideas. Diversity is a term no less multiple in its meanings and connotations. It is both a subject appropriate to learning outcomes and an ethical imperative. The natures of cosmopolitanism and diversity are, therefore, neither single nor simple. 

These essays present a collective awareness that simple solutions simply do not work and nor do they have simple impacts. Collectively, the essays demonstrate the fact that these topics need to be part of a revised study abroad agenda.

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