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Civil Rights & Inequalities
Occasional Publication #6

Civil Rights & Inequalities Cover

Civil Rights & Inequalities

This volume addresses the complex and contested field of civil rights and inequalities from the perspective of education abroad. Essays examine the historical development and contemporary relevance of civil rights, their multi-layered and sometimes paradoxical nature, and their evolution in relation to changing ethical frameworks of social justice and exclusion. Topics include the legacy and continuing global resonance of the American Civil Rights Movement, contemporary social and political activism and struggles for equality and freedom of expression, the shifting boundaries of state authority and civil liberties, as well as the intersection of civil rights with identity politics, citizenship, and democratic participation in a globalizing world. Contributors address the ways in which such competing and potentially contradictory rights are defined and enforced in practice, and suggest a variety of ways in which the topic of civil rights and inequalities can be effectively embedded in the pedagogy and curriculum of education abroad to engage students fully as active citizens.

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