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Career Integration 2020
Academic Publication #3

Career Integration 2020 Cover

Career Integration: Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment

This volume demonstrates that there is a pervasive awareness of the responsibility of educators for the lives of students beyond their formal studies. However, there is no untroubled consensus about how to realize this responsibility. Colleges and universities in the US are subject to intense pressure to forefront employability. The walls of the “ivory tower,” if they ever really existed, have become fallen masonry.

The idea that the world is more inter-connected than ever before is both true and untrue. Re-emergent militant parochialism divides peoples; simultaneously, we are more interdependent. Pollution and viruses know no borders. Simply, having some knowledge of worlds elsewhere is an important element in what defines an educated, productive person. We have a profound responsibility to those who come after us. They will define the worlds in which we live. The choice is ultimately between perceptions that enrich and enlighten life or attitudes rooted in darkness, moral impoverishment, and a fateful ignorance.

These and related issues are explored herein from diverse perspectives. We hope that you will find the discussions stimulating and engrossing.

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