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CEA's Study + Internship Abroad Programs

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Study + Internship programs combine coursework and internships and are available during the spring, summer, and fall, so you can stay on track for graduation.

Unpaid, pre-professional opportunities, these programs are great for developing workplace skills, learning about a career, giving you workplace experience for your resume, maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and helping you build a professional network.

Study + Internship in Prague

Study + Internship in Prague

CEA Prague Center, Anglo-American University
Prague, Czech Republic

Why choose when you can have both?  Make steady progress toward your academic degree AND gain valuable hands-on skills in an international internship in one of Central Europe's economic and cultural capitals. Incorporate a professional internship placement into your semester or summer study program and give your future career a boost. Internships in Prague encourage you to immerse into local culture while developing practical skills in fields such as marketing, management, journalism, communication, international relations, and more.  Take care of those degree requirements and build the foundations of your professional network all while gaining the international experience you’ve been seeking with a study + internship program in Prague.

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