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At CEA, we’re committed to providing programs that align with your students’ academic, professional, and personal goals. That’s why we design our programs with student needs in mind!
Diverse, academically rigorous, discipline-based, focused on active learning…our programs help students cultivate global competence, gain critical thinking skills, communicate cross-culturally, and immerse into local culture–all while earning credits toward graduation.

Quality Assurance

CEA offers high-quality, discipline-based academic programs that integrate the host culture into an active learning pedagogy. We achieve this through:
  • Partnering with faculty to ensure our course offerings meet the highest academic standards and expectations
  • Using student feedback and self-assessments to continually focus on improving our academic offerings
  • CEA has successfully completed The Forum on Education Abroad's Quality Improvement Program (QUIP) and all CEA programs are QUIP-recognized

Standard Programs

Offered across all our locations, our standard programs allow students to choose courses within their discipline or subject of interest. Depending on the program, students may take courses at a CEA Study Center, a local partner university, or a hybrid of both. Our standard programs offer courses taught in English or the host language, providing options based on specific levels of language ability.

Hybrid Programs

Our hybrid programs offer the best of both worlds! Students can experience both the active-learning environment that characterizes our CEA Study Centers, and the opportunity to take courses with other international and local students at our local partner universities. Together, the hybrid option provides a truly integrated experience.

Multi-Site Programs

Students may learn in multiple cities through a multi-site program. Whether it’s a travelling January Term seminar that offers the opportunity to spend two to three weeks gaining in-depth, hands-on perspective, or multiple locations paired together over the summer, multi-site programs create an unforgettable learning environment.

Custom Programs

We understand how much work designing a custom or faculty-led program requires—let us do the heavy lifting. By partnering with CEA, you’ll gain access to our international and U.S. staff expertise, extensive networks, academic program and curriculum development, risk management, health and safety support, and a focus on active learning that brings lessons taught in class to life. Located in academically significant cities across Europe, South America, and Asia, our CEA Study Centers accommodate a range of instruction and program types. In most locations, your faculty and students may also utilize our international partners’ academic resources and your students may take courses with our partner institutions. From business to biology, sociology to interior design, we accommodate a range of disciplines and offer carefully selected co-curricular activities to compliment students’ academic experience. When you partner with CEA, you’ll enjoy start-to-finish support for your custom or faculty-led program.


CEA’s international internship programs provide unique, hands-on experience that allows students to gain marketable skills while studying abroad. Our extensive network of business, non-profit, and non-governmental organization contacts around the world mean internship placements tailored to students’ professional and academic goals, allowing students to boost their résumés while gaining the experience and skills that set them apart from the competition.
CEA aligns placements to professional, academic, and personal goals. Most internships are part-time, allowing students to take other courses while abroad, and many don’t require foreign language ability.
With few exceptions, CEA internships allow students to earn credit while offering a concurrent cross-cultural leadership seminar. Through dedicated assessment and reflection, students maximize their experience by learning to clearly articulate skills and knowledge gained, an ability that’s essential when applying for jobs or speaking about international experience to a potential employer.
We want the internship placement to provide a meaningful and intentional experience. That’s why the application process involves a thoughtful pre-planning component, including a Skype or in-person interview to ensure a good match. Use our search tool to find CEA internships in our locations around the world.


CEA’s Global Career Development Certificate (GCDC) offer students the opportunity to expand their pre-professional experience by connecting with mentors in their field of interest. Participating in this mentorship program enhances students’ résumé by helping them develop a career path while practicing skills that many employers value.

The GCDC incorporates a 1-credit seminar, designed to guide exploration into a career field of interest and engage students in learning about career development and global competency. In the mentorship component of the program, students are matched with a local professional who works in an industry aligned with students’ majors. Mentors have extensive experience and come from a variety of backgrounds, in areas such as:

  • Non-profit organization director
  • Photojournalist
  • Government worker
  • School psychologist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Journalist specialized in global politics
  • Actor and producer
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Fashion design

Students enhance their self-awareness by assessing the skills necessary for their desired career path, reflecting on personal attributes, evaluating career opportunities, and increasing their global competency. GCDC participants learn to articulate their study abroad experience through career and professional development opportunities.

Service Learning

Our service learning programs provide a framework that allows students to make connections between host community experiences and academic pursuits while giving back.
Students expand their worldview and cultivate global competency as they engage in and grapple with issues facing the host community. Through guided placements, students gain intangible research skills and experience that benefit future academic endeavors such as senior theses, capstone projects, and career planning. In addition, students learn how community comes together to address societal issues, all while gaining socio-cultural skills that set them apart.

Many service learning placements don’t require foreign language skills; those that do help students gain proficiency in the host language. Along with part-time placements, students enroll in academic courses that place real-life experience into context. Service learning goes beyond traditional volunteering, integrating theoretic and practical components such as:

  • Interaction with local and disadvantaged communities
  • Service to public, non-profit, or non-governmental organizations
  • First-hand assessment of community needs, challenges, expectations, and strengths
  • Providing concrete service that may range from hands-on tasks to strategic service
In the past, CEA students have completed service learning placements with municipal governments, community development associations, environmental groups, neighborhood committees, community action groups, schools, and more.

CEA Study Centers

CEA Study Centers programs offer discipline-based learning while cultivating global competence, providing the ideal learning environment for students who seek to understand tomorrow’s ethical, social-political, and demographic challenges. Students choose from a diverse range of subjects that incorporate on-site instruction and active learning with career-boosting opportunities such as international internships, service learning, and volunteering.

CEA Study Center courses are transcribed by our School of Record, the University of New Haven, a U.S. regionally accredited university, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Each CEA Study Center is managed by highly qualified, locally knowledgeable staff, all trained to offer study abroad programs that meet industry standards.

CEA Study Centers are centrally located in cities chosen for their cultural, political, economic, and historical significance. Our locations enhance your ability to engage with local language and culture, while facilitating connections to a larger global framework of business, international relations, politics, and socio-economic realities. CEA Study Center faculty and staff are dedicated to student support, with a focus on helping you develop the intercultural awareness and skills that define global competence.

CEA Partner Institutions

We strategically choose our partner institutions to meet the diverse academic needs of students from a range of backgrounds and majors. We ensure academic quality by partnering with institutions that are formally recognized and/or accredited—either in the host country or in the U.S.—and that complement the core competencies offered through CEA Study Center programs.

Students attend class alongside local or other international students, providing the opportunity to immerse into student life. In addition, students can take full advantage of our partners’ on-campus resources, such as student clubs, sports, academic lectures, and co-curricular activities.

Students can choose from a range of courses in diverse subject areas and in some cases, they may access a partner institution’s full curriculum. Study abroad helps students gain cross-cultural understanding, critically analyze concepts, expand worldviews, and learn from faculty and an array of pedagogies. This integrated learning environment allows students to engage deeply with the host city’s culture, history, and society.

Accommodations in the Classroom

CEA supports students with the need for special academic accommodation(s). In order for us to determine if a student’s academic support needs can be accommodated in a specific program and location abroad, it is critical that the student disclose and share any documentation for accommodation(s) received on their home campus early in the application process. The student will work closely with CEA staff, who will coordinate efforts with CEA on-site faculty and staff. CEA will submit a written statement of accommodation(s) that CEA is able to provide to the student for review and signature. In the course of this review, the student may wish to reconsider participating in a particular program and/or location because of limiting factors beyond CEA’s control. Although CEA on-site faculty and staff and our partner universities abroad support inclusion of students with special needs, the extent to which accommodations can be provided depends on the nature of the accommodation needed, accessibility and available services in particular locations, and the creativity and flexibility of the student and staff/faculty in planning for the experience abroad.

Attention to Detail
Over the six years that we have worked with CEA on our custom program to Rome, we have been consistently impressed by the quality of collaboration, the attention to details—both logistical and academic…CEA staff members have been fantastic—friendly, efficient, highly professional, and dedicated to the success of our program.

William L. North , Associate Professor & Chair, Department of History
Carleton College

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