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Honors Study Abroad Program

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Honors Programming'

Honors Programming

Study abroad naturally aligns with the goals of honors education, giving students a broader knowledge base, pushing them to their greatest potential, and inspiring them to become global citizens. CEA CAPA has the teams and resources to help you develop and launch your Honors Abroad program!

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Honors Study Abroad

Through study abroad, students enrolled in honors programs or honors colleges are exposed to international sources of knowledge that can expand their perspective of U.S.-based research and scholarship:

  • Prompts these students to ask new questions inspired by their program’s host culture and explore ideas rooted in that culture
  • Enables these students to contribute to their host culture through their knowledge, different perspective, and service
  • Facilitates experiential learning in an international context
  • Expands honors students’ learning community on an international scale
The CEA CAPA Advantage

By partnering with CEA CAPA in developing your Honors Abroad program, your university can utilize:

  • CEA CAPA’s study and extension centers with dedicated classroom space
  • A robust academic and professional network, allowing us to arrange meaningful co-curricular activities as part of an Honors Field Lab
  • A rich portfolio of academic offerings and CEA CAPA’s ability to develop new courses tailored specifically to your students
  • CEA CAPA’s onsite Academic Directors & faculty
  • Student services, health, and safety support available to students throughout the program
  • Summer program of 3-4 weeks
  • Faculty-led or CEA CAPA-led options
  • Interdisciplinary coursework with field-based components
  • Honors students living and learning in community

INTERDISCIPLINARY COURSE: Honors courses typically investigate a topic from the lens of multiple perspectives and disciplines. They are small, discussion-based, seminar-style classes with an emphasis on critical inquiry. The focus may be on Big Ideas or regional interdisciplinary studies.

HONORS FIELD LAB: To supplement classroom studies with our signature active learning, CEA CAPA will partner with you to develop a field lab. Guest lectures expose students to the latest research in the field with local scholars and present thought-provoking topics in the program discipline. Course-related site visits utilize the host city and country to create experiential learning outside the classroom. Finally, cultural activities help students learn more about the host culture.

HOUSING: CEA CAPA offers a variety of housing types in each of our locations, but we recommend shared apartments to reinforce the living learning community honors students experience on campus. We are happy to partner with your university to determine the housing type that will be the best fit for your program.

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