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Collaborative Writing & Coevaluation - Students' Perceptions

October 09, 2023
by CEA CAPA Staff

What Do University Students Think of Collaborative Writing and Coevaluation?

CEA CAPA Madrid Academic Director Dr. Alicia de la Peña recently had an article published titled “What do university students think of collaborative writing and coevaluation?" as the chapter of a book from Dyckinson Publishers.  

This article presents part of the results of a research project coordinated in Fall '21 by Dr. de la Peña—in collaboration with Nebrija Writing Center and the School of Languages and Education at Nebrija University—and examines academic literacy in higher education in Spain

The article details the perceptions of 106 Education degree students about this experiment, which asked participants to use a rubric for the collaborative writing and evaluation of argumentative texts.  

The study found that students valued the experience as very positive, interesting, useful, and transferable to other subjects. They also perceived an improvement in their argumentative abilities, as well as in the macrostructural and accuracy aspects of their texts. Additionally, participants affirmed that the writing process they were involved in, which required a large amount of self-analysis and teamwork, helped them develop professional competencies that will surely be useful for them in the future.  

The results of this experiment and the students’ opinion set stronger foundations for the integration of writing in the different disciplines.   

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