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VIDEO: Experiencing the Carnival in Venice, Italy

February 19, 2020
by Lauren Peacock
On Feb 14-19, I had the pleasure of staying in Venice, Italy, while studying abroad in Florence with CEA. Venice was a place that I have always dreamed of going and it exceeded all of my expectations. It is truly the floating city; practically all of the streets are water, which gives you the wonderful opportunity to take a gondola ride and feel like you're in a movie.

On Saturday, I was able to take a boat to Burano, where I fell in love with all of the colorful buildings. I had the best pasta of my life from Dal Moros and was lucky enough to go during Carnival! Carnival is a holiday in Venice celebrating Lent, the 40 days before Easter. It is famous for its amazing masks and costumes! Check out my video to see what it's like spending three days in Venice during Carnival!

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Lauren Peacock is the Spring 2020 CEA MOJO Blogger in Florence, Italy, and is currently studying at Montclair State University.
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