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Fostering My Creativity

October 18, 2018
by Jamie Coles

Like many others, I grew up viewing my future through a blurry lens.  There were times when I would discover a passion of mine and follow it until the view began to de-haze, but I could never get a fully focused picture of what subject I would major in, the career I would pursue, or city I would reside in.  Among all of this uncertainty, however, one thing remained constant: I was always drawn to creativity. I have continually found myself gravitating toward people, places, and activities that provide me with artistic inspiration and/or a creative outlet.  Being in Italy has put the right hemisphere of my brain into overload; from Renaissance sculptures of biblical heroes to Ferrari F430 Spiders owned by Beyoncé, the exhibitions across this country display a wide variety of masterpieces appealing to almost every possible audience.  My study abroad experience has reinforced my belief that no matter what my future consists of, I will always prioritize the fostering of my artistic expression. The view of what lies ahead of me is gaining clarity, and I accredit these few but impactful weeks that I have spent in Florence.