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Where can I print my docs at The University of Alicante?

You may be asking: "Where can I print my documents on campus?" when you're studying or interning abroad in Alicante, Spain.

At the University of Alicante, there are several places where you can print your documets in a quick, inexpensive, and easy way.

Here’s a list of Copy-shops at the University:

  1. ‘Puntero y Chip’ copy-shop at Law Faculty, Building 11 (Facultad de Derecho).
  2. ‘Gamma’ Copy-shop at Building 25 (Aulario General 1)
  3. ‘Puntero y Chip’ copy-shop at Building 38 (Óptica)
  4. ‘Gamma’ Copy-shop at Main Library, Building 33 (Biblioteca General), however this one is the most expensive option... but best located.
  5. ‘Gamma’ Copy-shop at Building 19 (Facultad de Filosofía y Letras II)
  6. ‘Gamma’ Copy-shop at Building 28 (Rectorado y Servicios Generales)
  7. ‘Univercopy’ at Building at Building 30 (Aulario General II)
 Here's a map to help you out!

What are the cheapest places to print?

As far as price goes, Puntero y Chip, Gamma, and Puntero y Chip are the cheapest ones. Copies will cost around 0.03€ per page, one-side copy.

How do I print my documents?

You’ll need to bring a pen drive or, if you prefer, you can access your mail box by using the PC located at the Copy-shop.

Use this map to see where you can locate the different places on campus for you to print your documents

 University of Alicante

Alvaro Sánchez is the Program Director.
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