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Tips for being a Euro Traveler


One of the main perks of studying abroad is traveling while you’re there. If you think about it, what other time in your life will you have 4 months’ worth of weekends to travel to any destination you want.

One of the reasons I chose Spain as my study abroad destination is it’s proximity to other countries which makes traveling to, say, London on a Friday only a little over an hour away. Traveling on the weekends to new amazing destinations, which you never before thought you’d see with a group of your newly found best friends is a blast but there is a few things to keep in mind when traveling.


Make absolutely sure you book the right flight and for the right weekend: Let me tell you getting to airport security with all your friends excited to go to Switzerland, and getting asked “Do you not know what weekend your traveling?”, by security. IS NOT DOPE! In all seriousness flights look extremely similar, with the same times, similar numbers, and google often changes the date to give you the cheapest option displayed (Yes, I did book the wrong flight, don’t worry I got on a flight 6am the next Morning).

 Mt. Zermatt, Switzerland


Not every employee on a train will give you correct answers, so if you have a question ask a couple people, or you know what, just ask. Switzerland was interesting for me. After a 3-hour train ride and snowboarding all day, I wanted to catch earlier train back than I had purchased. I asked the Conductor and a guy helping him if it was okay I hopped on the earlier train thinking this was a viable source of information. Apparently the conductor and the ticket takers don’t think the same way. After about an hour of being on the train the ticket taker comes to me and informs me I’m on the wrong train, I explain. She says normally this is a 100 Swiss Franc fine however she will let it slide but I should ask before boarding on my transfer train. The next ticket takers where nice enough to let me stay on the train for 10 Swiss Franc. Long story short: stick to your agenda, or make absolutely sure you getting good info.

 Me and my buddy, Mike in Interlaken

Pack Light

On the three trips I’ve taken so far (Marseille, Geneva, Girona) I’ve just brought a back pack. I realize for most people, this may not be an option due to increased amount of necessary accessories and products to get ready. But it makes things so much more simple. You don’t need to check a bag (which is very expensive on small, cheap airlines) also your bag always fits under the seat in front of you so you know your stuff is safe.

 Paragliding over Interlaken


Certain necessities if you’re staying in a hostel: Make sure to bring a towel most hostels don’t supply them! Bring some sort of lock for your bag, things are notoriously stolen in hostels, so it’s nice to have piece of mind if nothing else.

Hope these couple tips help you guys out when you’re traveling. There is plenty more to keep in mind let me know if you have any questions

 Pit stop on our road trip to Girona, Spain.

Riley D is the Spring 2017 MOJO blogger for Barcelona, Spain. He is currently a Junior at Washington State University studying Finance.

Riley Doerge is the Spring 2017 CEA MOJO Blogger in Barcelona, Spain in Barcelona, Spain, and is currently studying at Washington State University.
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