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Au Revoir, Chère France!

June 03, 2014
I'd like to dedicate my last post to the people who made my semester abroad possible: my parents!

What a gift the past four months have been, and how many things I am thankful for! Though I don't think it's possible to fully express my gratitude and every single blessing I was given, I must, of course, try. Not only was I able to live in one of the most picturesque, charming towns in the whole world, I was able to travel to other countries, each of which told me its own story full of its own culture and traditions. I'm thankful for learning through real life experiences, as if I walked straight into a history book.

1) For my first weekend trip to Barcelona: What a way to open up a semester full of travels! As you can see, the food was definitely one of the highlights.
 Not to mention the other-worldly architecture!
2) For countless day trips to lovely, quaint villages in Southern France with breathtaking views, charming people, and new adventures alongside new friends.

3) For having the ability to climb to new heights, literally, and feeling the inexplicable sense of accomplishment and invigoration when I reached the top. For the unforgettable view after making the climb--it's these memories that I'll remember forever.

4) For the BEST swordfish pasta I've ever had (and will ever have) in my entire life.

5) For a day spent in Sicily by the bluest water and softest sand in the whole wide world. 

6) For the chance to meet very creepy, but colorful characters, at Carnivale in Venice. 

7) For making my Paris-at-sunset dreams come true!! It was even more magical than I had ever imagined it.

8) For encouraging me to always be myself, to take risks, to be not afraid, and to be happy.



Emily Blume is the Spring 2014 CEA MOJO in Aix-en-Provence, France. She is currently a Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh.

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